Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shopping for Half Chaps

Sooo..... I need a new pair of half chaps and I can't find any local to try on, so I really need some help lol.  I've only ever bought one pair and it was local.  They are too big and not black like I wanted (and they are like seven or eight years old lol).  So can anyone advise me on how to measure for fitting half chaps and also any suggestions on nice, durable, black half chaps (easy to clean so preferably not real leather) that don't cost an arm and a leg?  Or if they do cost an arm and a leg I guess I would only have to buy one since I'd only have one leg left.... haha just kidding.  Yeah I know, bad joke.  :D  Thank you for any help and advice you can give!!

I really like the look of this one (only in black), but I don't know anything about Saxon Equileather.... anyone have any idea if these are good ones?  Here's the link to the page where I found them Oh and would these be okay for dressage?  It looks like she has hunter/jumper gear on.  I'm not a diva when it comes to what I wear, but I don't want to look dumb is there's a difference between dressage and hunter/jumper half chaps that I don't know about LOL!  Thanks guys!


  1. There's no difference between the two when it comes to half chaps. The ones in ur pic look nice. Are you planning on using the same ones for show and clinics? If you can have two pairs I got some breathable Ariat cloth ones because I get hot easy. I keep my tall boots tucked away for fancy times. Ariat also makes a washable pair leather-like pair they look as snazzy as tall boots.

  2. I will probably use them for both at home riding and for show/clinics (since it will be a while before we go to those), or who knows I may get a new pair when we start showing. Thanks for the information. It does get really hot here in the summer so I might have to look into the breathable ones. Are they on the Ariat website? I didn't notice them when I was looking. Thanks again for commenting!!

  3. I love my ariat cloth ones. They are perfect for hacking out. I found these at Dover and they look nice:

    as for dressage- any kind are fine.

  4. Teresa, I only see leather ones on the link you posted. Everyone keeps saying how great the cloth ones are, but I can't find any cloth ones lol. Maybe I'm just blind?


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