Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chrome's New Trick Video!!

Check out Chrome's new trick!!  He's only had one session yesterday (for less than five minutes) and this is how well he's doing today (we started filming from the beginning; we hadn't practiced at all today until this video)!  He's sooooo smart!!

Isn't he so cute!  I have a couple of ideas for some other easy tricks I want to teach so keep an eye on his blog.  :D

P.S. So sorry for the video quality!  My camera is acting up bad!!


  1. Super cute!! what a smart boy!

    Faran is all like, hey, I want some treats too!!

  2. LOL! I was feeding Faran treats too. He's so over-reactive that I figured him being so close to us and so calm was a good reason to be rewarded. :D

  3. LOL, love it! Yeah, Enzo does this as well. Silly me, never taped it. We got stuck on the YES command. Enzo doesn't really get it, LOL.

  4. I started out trying to teach yes, but he wasn't getting it so I did no instead. I'm going to do yes next. I saw a different method on Youtube that should work. :)


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