Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Equine Antihistamines?

Sorry, I'm in a bit of a hurry, but wanted to ask you all if you've ever used antihistamines for your horses?  I've never used them, but I'm considering giving Chrome something until his bites are healed so he will quit rubbing them.  Any suggestions on brand, best place to order (where it's not so expensive?), safety concerns, using human antihistamines, etc.?  I'm going to call the vet and get his opinion, but sometimes vets are only out to make money so I wanted personal experiences and stories too.  :)  Thank you all for your help!


  1. Years ago, I used them for a little while when Cruiser had a cough. I suggested my boyfriend try them when his horse broke out in hives--instead of calling the vet as he had in the past. He ended up saving a lot of money because of my suggestion.

    I got the powdered stuff from KV Vet, and I remember it wasn't that expensive. I don't remember the brand. I would give it a try.

  2. Yes! Our OTTB gets hives every summer from bug bites. We have used Hist-ALL (comes in a powder form) for the past 5 yrs for him - just as needed. Normally, one dose a day for 3 days clears him up. He is a picky eater, but eats it up when sprinkled on his feed. We order it from Valley Vet on-line - about $13.00 for 20 ounce container.

  3. I have used the powders antihistamine in the past, for hives. Worked very well. I have been considering getting some more, because they have been so itchy from the skeeters lately!

    Sorry dont remember the brand name, but they sell it at my local feed store, and not that expensive.

  4. My Vet had us just pick up generic benadryl at WalMart. Can't recall how many at a time. Your Vet will I'm sure advise you on dose.

  5. I wish I had a word of advice for you, but I have no experience! I hope you find something! I hate to think of Chrome suffering :(
    Let us know when you find something that works!

  6. Thanx for coming to our blog and commenting. About the steriods your Vet recommended. Our Equine Vet put Camryn on 4mg Dexamethasone, she takes two pills on Mon-Wed-Fri, from May till end of October (past years she'd taken three but, having added Omega-3 to her supplements that my Vet recommended she only needs the two pills this year) Tried antihistamines first, doesn't work for all horses, didn't for her. Tried Prednisonal, didn't work either. The Dexa works, though both Vet and I were hesitant to do the Steroids, she was miserable with sores everywhere, she couldn't bare being touched. And of course with sores you run the risk of infection plus the Sweet Itch. So for her comfort and risk of infections we felt it worth the risk of laminitus. Knock on wood, no issues with that. This year I had gotten her a Boett Sweet Itch Rug, pricey as all get out but, worth it. Unfortunatly the extreme heat has made it impossible to wear it as needed. Hoping next year for more normal temps so we can forgo the steriods. I understand the shot your Vet reccomends does help "but" once worn off, they need it again and again and again.
    I've tried nearly every remedy recommended online. Most have had little to no positive effect.
    Sorry so long.


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