Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Photo Shoot With Chrome

 First I got all dressed up.  Is it weird that I always dress better for photo shoots with Chrome than I do to go out?  Hehe.

 Then we took some test shots to find the right place (as far as lighting) and my pretty turkey hen showed up to say hi.

 Once I chose my spot all I had to do was wait.  Chrome's curiosity immediately brought him over.

This one was blurry so I played around with it in a photo editor.  :)

 And then Chrome decided the rock must be a pedestal and could earn him treats.  I did not ask him to step up on it.  :D

 Playing with the rein.

 I was leaning against him and he stepped sideways which nearly sent me tumbling lol.


 Chrome is all smiles.

Quality isn't great on this one, but I like it too much to leave it out.


And for those of you who aren't crazy about his haircut, I decided to share my hair with him.....

 LOL!  I didn't have enough to go all the way up his neck though.  :D

 So Chrome returned the favor and let me wear his hair too LOL!

And now for some Chrome only pictures.

 He was innocently looking for persimmons when he suddenly looked up with this evil expression, flipped his tail and took off across the pasture at a flat out gallop.....

 I promise he isn't about to fall down, he was just running downhill lol.

 Trotting to me.  I love how high he picked up his knee because the grass was so tall.  :)

 He was shaking his head while galloping... look at that eye LOL!

 Pretty reflection!

He was scratching his shoulder lol.

So which was your favorite of the two of us?  Your favorite of Chrome?  Photo shoots with Chrome are always so much fun.  :)  I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


  1. Beautiful. I love the reflection shot of him and I think I can really see the Friesian head there. You are both so lucky to have each other. You clean up nice, too! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! You both look great, and your happy relationship is evident. You're doing such a good job with Chrome.

    I love the unsolicited pedestal step - my horse figures if touching the cone gets a treat - picking it up should elicit multiples! ;D

  3. LOL, love the Hair shots!!! And my fav for Chrome is the reflection shot!!! AWESOME!!!

  4. I like best the one that is shot up at the two of you - where Chrome has one leg bent and lifted! They all are great pics - you both look lovely!

  5. These pictures are so lovely!! You are going to look back on them for years to come I would love to get some fancy pics of bre and I. She gets to shiny in the summer.

  6. ooh he's lovely! I love his head. it's very handsome.

    My fav is the one with his reflection.


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