Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Couple of Cute Photos!

 Just thought I would share a couple of cute pictures I took today.  The first one is of Chrome when I called them up for their supper.  He came flying across the pasture at a flat out gallop and then swerved off and bucked a couple of times before cantering to us.  I caught the "tail" end of a buck hehe.  

He's such a dork.  Then I got a picture of mudball Faran cantering by me and I think it turned out soooo cute!

Look at the dust he's kicking up.  We need rain so bad! 

Also, a quick update on Chrome's sweet itch.  I called the vet to ask about antihistamines and he said he wouldn't hesitate to do steroid injections.  When I said I didn't really want to do injections and needed information on antihistamines he said he could sell me a big bucket of antihistamines for $50, but he couldn't even tell me what they were called or what sized bucket it was..... yeah so sick of vet's only wanting to make a buck!!  I wish my regular vet had been there (I use the same clinic just different vet).  He's usually a lot better about answering questions (and even helped my husband save one of our goats over the phone for no charge!).  So I think I'm just going to see what I can find as far as antihistamines (I got some suggestions on here, thank you so much, my readers are awesome!) and see if that works.  If it doesn't work I'll do some more research on the steroids.

Also he had his third neem oil treatment and I'm hopeful that there's already a difference.  It's too early to tell for sure, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I've been treating his bites with other stuff (MTG, zinc, gold bond, etc.) so it could be one of those or a combination (I'm not doing them at the same time lol) that's helping.  Regardless the bites and sores are looking much better!  :)


  1. Seriously, spirulina! I know it seems odd, but my friend's App used to rub his skin until it was raw & bleeding (he has seasonal skin allergies that are really BAD), even while on Dex, and now he is totally fine as long as he's on his spirulina.

  2. Love the Faran pic, he's an awesome mover :)
    Hope you can get itchy Chrome sorted out, I found neem does seem to heal stuff really quickly.

  3. Poor Chrome. I think he needs a New England holiday. It will be cool enough soon to chase all those biting bugs away (at least around here).



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