Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sweet Itch/Neem Oil Update and . . . yep you guessed it, more pictures!

 Okay, I want to get the update out of the way first.  I'm pretty hopeful that the Neem oil is working!  And here is why I think so . . . I missed a dose one night because of some storms that came through (rain would have washed it off).  The next day one of his sores was bloody where he'd rubbed it raw.  That should mean that the Neem oil is working because he's not rubbing them raw when I'm using it.  :D  So keep your fingers crossed.  I'm hopeful this is our solution finally.  I'll update again in a few days

Now for some pictures.....  

 I don't know why I've become obsessed with getting the ever illusive perfect canter shot of Chrome.... this is not it LOL.  It is cute though because he was cantering by and spotted me, then sort of turned in midair as he went into this tranter (trot/canter) and then trotted to me lol. 

Look how gray he's getting around his eyes and ears. :D  Cute!

 Chasing the ducks.  Fun!

The boys contemplating their reflections..... haha, just kidding.  :)

 More power plays lol.  Chrome body slammed Zep, so the donkey glared (pinned his ears) at him hehe.

I love this one!  He was trotting by, looking for me and made a sharp turn down a slope and I managed to get this one.  He's so adorable when he's hunting for me.

Uh oh!  He found me!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  :D

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