Saturday, September 15, 2012

Best Friend's Horse

Sorry for the quality. This picture was taken with my cell phone on a rainy, overcast day out of a moving vehicle.

My best friend is living out of state for six months due to her job, so I'm taking care of her horses for her (not on my property).  This is one of them in the picture above.  He was chasing me as I drove away.  Awww!!  He misses his momma!  Isn't he gorgeous??  I love his black, white, black, white mane.  :)

Other than taking care of her pets and my pets I haven't been doing much.  I'm still treating Chrome with the Neem oil and it's working great.  My job has me so tired and stressed out lately that I haven't done much other than care for all of the critters.  I'll get motivated to do some fun training soon I hope.  :)  The weather has been nicer so that helps.  I'm thinking about starting to teach Chrome how to longe (only five minutes per session a couple of times a week) since he's over three now and I shouldn't have to worry as much about stressing growth plates in his legs.  I think the growth plates in his hocks (those usually close around four years old) are all that's left.  I only want to teach him enough so that he knows voice cues and rein cues so we can do some more ground driving.  Teaching steering on the ground is so much easier than from their backs.  :D  I'll update when I can (hopefully with video, pictures at the very least).  Later guys!


  1. What a nice picture - even with the quality! Wouldn't he be safer without his halter?


  2. Yeah I don't like leaving halters on either, but not my horse, not my decision..... Now that's he's at a different place where he's not being beat up by the other horses I might ask her if I can take it off. :)

  3. I have one of those neat halters with the breakaway. Bre went through a phase of getting out so I had to keep it on her. Then I needed it to keep Dickie's fly mask on. They are nice.

    I love the coloring on her horse. Sometimes I think i am a secret pain lover.


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