Saturday, September 8, 2012

Funny Story!

 I have a funny story to share that happened last night . . . with pictures!  :D

I called the boys up for supper and let them eat.  Once they were finished I sat out in the pasture and watched them grazing.  

  Chrome was grazing quietly nearby....

(his bites look much better, huh?  Yay!)

 And then Led Zeppelin came cantering around the round pen to join the other horses. 

Chrome looked up and realized where Zep was coming from.... the persimmons!!

(There are a couple of persimmon trees in the front corner of the pasture that they LOVE to spend time under, slurping up fallen persimmons.)

So Chrome took off at a powerful trot straight for the poor donkey and ran right over him!!!  The picture above is the moment of impact.  Chrome almost knocked Zep off his feet!  I have no idea why he ran into the donkey instead of going around, but it was very intentional.  It's not like he misjudged where he was going or the donkey moved in front of him, he ran over him on purpose!!  I was cracking up, although I did feel bad for poor Zep.  He was fine though and it was funny.  :)  They happily slurped up persimmons together after this picture was taken, still best friends hehe.


  1. I would have loved to see that in person. Zep looks so proud of himself trotting around the corner "I've got a secret, hehehe."

    Then look at that piggy piggy Chrome. Crash! "Outta my way, donkey! Nothing gets between me and those persimmons!" What a goof.

    Mango Momma

  2. Sounds like a power play. This morning when I was getting hay for the horses, I heard a thunk and Bombay said, "OOOOOMPH!"

    I looked over to see Gabbrielle coming out of a double-barreled kick right at the poor boy's chest. I dropped the hay, marched into the barn, and she instantly knew she was in trouble and retreated to the other side of the paddock. She wouldn't come back to the barn until the other horses were fed.

  3. This is snortworthy funny!! I love it. You can see the lightbulb go off in Chrome's head. Poor Zep, he looked so smug in the first picture only to have his private moment ruin. ROFL


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