Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Morning Light Photography (lotsa pony pics!)

 I used the oil painting filter on the one above and I LOVE it!  
I wish I could print it out and hang it up on my wall.  :D
Click to enlarge for the full effect.

Everything I've ever read and been told says that morning light is the best for photography, so I thought I would try it.  Normally I don't see early morning light because I'm not a morning person, but I got up early today specifically so I could try out this theory.  My conclusion is . . . I LOVE morning light!!!  In my totally biased opinion these are some of the best pictures I've ever taken!  I took over three hundred pictures and ended up with these thirty two that I adore, so I thought I would share them.  :)  Let me know what you think please.

I LOVE the fall colors!  I used the continuous shoot feature to get these canter shots. 
 It's hard to get great canter shots of Chrome lol.

 This is my favorite one out of that sequence.  Isn't he so cute?

He even manages to look gorgeous first thing in the morning while eating breakfast!
Wish I could do that!

The crazy thing is I didn't groom him before any of these shoots the past few days!  He stays cleaner than any horse I've ever had.  Of course once it gets muddy he won't have a chance in heck of staying clean, but it's nice while it lasts lol!

Faran's cute little tongue!

I love Faran's flared nostrils and slobbery lips!  He just finished eating some timothy pellets.  :)

Faran coming to a stop out of his powerhouse trot!  I wish I'd gotten the trot!

 Faran's dapples are back!!!!

 Faran is soooo fat!  I can't wait until we have our own place instead of 
leasing pasture so I can get some weight off of him.

 Chrome likes to cut in close to me so I can't get pictures LOL!

 They still turned out cute though.

 I like this one with the old barn in the background and his cute little trot!

 The quality of this one sucks, but he's so cute I had to share.
And yes, for those of you who are very observant I did edit this picture
because I didn't want my neighbor's junk pile in it hehe.

The light is coming from the wrong direction, but canter shots are so difficult to get I kept this one.  :)

 This is one of my favorites!!!  The frost on the ground and his foggy breath surrounding him is awesome!

 More foggy horse breath!

 Another poor quality, but CUTE one!  
I love watching him bronco buck, just wish I could get pictures of it lol.

He was showing off with his huge, gorgeous, powerhouse extended trot and this was the best shot (above) I got of it.  *pouts*  I love when he flags his tail and trots really big.  I just wish I could get pictures!  I'll keep trying. :)

 He was chasing the donkey in this one.  :D  Love that expression.

 Chrome and Faran playing bitey face.

They are so handsome.  I got some of the fall colors here.

 One of my favorites of the two of them together.  :)

 Chrome should totally be in magazines!

 Look at that professional, star quality!  He could totally do a magazine spread. ;D

 One of the best pictures I've gotten of Led Zeppelin in a long time.  
He's not exactly the most cooperative subject.  :)

 Love this shot!

This is the expression I adore!  I love when he gives me that look.
He's so laid back, relaxed and sleepy eyed.  Love my boy!


As I walked back to the house I glanced back and got this picture.  Apparently modeling is hard work and he needed a nap hehe.  I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!  I definitely enjoyed taking them.  :D  I'm glad I decided to get up early this morning.  So what do you guys think?  Morning light is pretty awesome huh?  Especially comparing these to the ones I posted the past two days. 


  1. This is my FAVORITE series of pictures that you've posted. Well done! :)

  2. Very nice! Chrome is a handsome guy.

  3. Chrome definitely has a Friesian personality. Henk is almost impossible to get pictures of, because he's always hanging out with the photographer, trying to eat the camera, your hair... whatever. Chasing donkeys and sticking out tongues are very Friesian moves, too. Your boy has a sense of humour, which I find indispensable in a horse. And he's very cute (also a Friesian quality!). Great shots. You'll just have to get used to being a morning person.

  4. Love the new banner! That first pic could be a greeting card! Great, beautiful shots :)

  5. Beautiful photos of everyone. A bit of a shame, though, about the huge watermarks on all of them!

  6. the best time to take photos is early morning and late afternoon. The sun is not as harsh as in mid day.

    these are lovely photos

  7. Great photos!

    I love the first few with the color of the fall leaves in the background.




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