Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Pony Pictures :D

I have more pictures of my boy!  I hope no one minds all of the pictures I've been posting.  I'm really enjoying this gorgeous fall weather and being able to take pictures without getting too hot, too cold or eaten by mosquitoes.   :D  Not much has been going on to write about so hopefully the pictures are entertaining enough for you guys!

 This is Chrome's "there is a huge, fat fly on my leg, please come kill it for me!" look lol.

 All stretched out hehe. 

 Chrome doing Yoga!  He has to keep limber for his sparring sessions with Zep lol.
Just kidding.  He turns into a contortionist horse when he gets an itchy hehe.

Hehehehe, this is Zep's way of dealing with flies lol.  :D

My handsome boy!!!  He looks so Friesian when he stands in this pose.  :D

As the sun started to disappear behind the trees he finally decided he was done grazing and wanted to play a game of hide and seek.  In this one I was hiding under the trees by the pond and he went around the outside looking for me and then trotted down to the pond to look there.  :D  

 Trotting to me when he found me by the pond.

 This one turned out blurry because we were losing the light so I did the oil painting filter on it.  Cute!

 Chrome's turn to hide!  Can you see him?

Pausing for a drink, but still watching me lol.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  :D


  1. Zep's reflection in the water is wonderful, and Faran looks like an interesting post! But we can tell who Mama's favorite is... :) I love the game "hide & seek". How fun!

  2. In my opinion, there can never be too many pictures of a horse. :-) Glad that you are enjoying time with yours.

  3. Please always post!! I go back and look at your photos. Chrome is such an indepedent/curious guy. I really like his mane. His neck looks so fancy. How did you find out about hide and go seek? He looks so happy to look for his momma.

  4. Aww thanks guys!! :D

    I started the hide and go seek game totally by accident. When we call Chrome up for his breakfast/dinner he always does this huge, gorgeous trot so I started hiding behind trees and brush piles trying to get a picture of him trotting or galloping, but he would always spot me and come to me instead of going up to eat. So then when we would play chase I just started hiding lol. Now we play hide and go seek. :D Chrome is so much fun!!


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