Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chrome's Eleventh Ride - First Ride on the Road - Pictures!!!!

 I haven't ridden Chrome since August because of various problems including his abscess and sweet itch, but yesterday I finally climbed back in the saddle.... err bareback hehe.  It was only his eleventh ride (although I have sat on his back while he ate his supper a few times over the last couple of weeks) and we ventured out on the road for the first time!!  It was soooo much fun!  :D  Here are the pictures (in the order they were taken; captions below photos).

Oh, first bit of exciting news is my husband finally sat on Chrome for the first time!!!  He couldn't ride long because his back was hurting, but I'm excited he finally got on him.  Looks good up there huh (well I'm not fond of his ugly, plaid, over-sized jacket but I won't hold that against him)?  :D  Notice Chrome's rear hoof?  He is so relaxed about this whole riding thing.  Hehe.

First time on the road!  We started out with my hubby holding the rope, but when we knew Chrome was fine he turned us loose.  He's still so narrow!  Look at my ridiculously long legs hanging out in midair lol.

The sun was kind of cool in this one.  Oh and I'm wearing my husband's other plaid jacket.  I like the gray plaid way better than the brown hehe.  :)

I like how this one turned out.  Not sure what we were looking at though lol.

He was soooo excited and eager on the way out with his head and ears up, but then when we turned around his ears relaxed out sideways and his head dropped.  I think he was disappointed to be headed home so soon.  I love how relaxed he is though.  I didn't want to go too far his first time since we were on pavement and I didn't want him to see the neighbor's horses and get too excited.  :)

I LOVE the fall colors!  Such an awesome time of year.

We're watching Faran and Zep.  :)

 He got bored and started playing with his rope hehehe!
Headed back to the pasture.

Waiting for Faran and Zep to come back around to us before my husband turned us loose again.  I didn't want them galloping up and Chrome getting too excited hehe.

This turned out so cute!  It shows the size difference between the three (click to enlarge).  I love how all of their ears are forward too.  Chrome is downhill from the other two, but not much.  He's technically almost three inches shorter than Faran.

I love how relaxed he is!

Hehe, he didn't much appreciate his hug.  :)

Best place ever for a nap.... well until he starts chewing on your foot hehe.

This is hilarious!  He didn't want to put his ears forward for the picture so I leaned on his neck and pushed them forward.  Please ignore the creepy, silly expression on my face lol!

Pushing his ears forward again, but without the scary face lol.  He is so tolerant of my antics.  :D

Chrome kept trying to wander off and I was trying to keep him close to the corral so my husband could take pictures without walking around too much (back was hurting and he'd been up over twenty four hours because of his nighttime weekend job), but Chrome was so insistent that after he stood quietly for a few minutes I finally let him wander off to see what he wanted......

I pulled my legs up as he waded through thorny blackberry bushed.....

He wandered halfway across the thirty acres of our lease land and stopped to drop some pasture muffins (I'll spare you the picture) and then wandered a little further.....

..... and stopped for a pee!  I couldn't figure out why he stopped and was trying to get him to walk when my husband told me he was peeing!  I cracked up and he got this picture lol.  The mare I had growing up HATED to empty her bladder while being ridden, so I was surprised how comfortable he was with stopping for a potty break hehehe.  He didn't even care that I was cackling.  He looks half asleep lol!

After relieving himself he walked off and tried to graze, but I wouldn't let him so he promptly walked up to this bush and started eating it LOL!  Persistent, smart boy.  :)  He obediently moved on when I asked him too.  I'm glad he's not going to be obnoxious about trying to eat while being ridden.  Oh and I LOVE his pretty tail.  :D

Sorry for sharing a picture of him exposing himself, but it's soooo cute I had to share.  I like his expression and how the trees behind us are practically glowing with the setting sun lol.  

My husband cut my head off......  still cute though.  He was playing with the wagon.  :)

After the ride I gave him a hug....  You can almost see him thinking "Enough with the hugs woman!  I just want grass!"  LOL!

The End!

Haha I just wanted to share a picture of his gorgeous tail!!  And I only barely brushed it because our neighbors drove up while I was grooming him before the ride lol.


  1. What a good boy Chrome is! You both look relaxed and happy.

  2. excellent job! It looks like Chrome will be one of the 'take anywhere, do anything' type of horse. Those are worth their weight in gold.

  3. Well done!! You both look so relaxed. Great pictures. ;D

  4. Wow, Chrome looks so relaxed, good job!

  5. Aww, great photos!!

    Looks like he did great riding down the road! I'm glad you are having fun riding him and that he is so calm and relaxed about it.



  6. Fun! Are you going to be buying a saddle soon? Western or English? Once you have your feet in the stirrups, I don't think you will look too big on him at all. I prefer a smaller horse... He is a sweet boy.

  7. Thanks guys!

    Margaret, I have the Aussie saddle that I used on him once in August. I just don't want to use it too much until I have someone look at it to see if it actually fits him well. I don't want to cause him any back soreness that could lead to a resentment to being ridden. :) I can't afford to buy another saddle right now though so hopefully it fits or I'll just stick to bareback for a while. We're just messing around a little over the winter so a saddle isn't really necessary. Once I start working on trotting and longer distance stuff next year then I'll need one. :)

  8. Lots of fun and silly shots. I remember one of my horse trainers reporting to me that Bombay stopped to pee while I was riding him. I wasn't sure what the significance of that was until she explained that in all her years of riding, a gelding had never stopped to pee while she was on his back, so he must have been plenty relaxed. Ha ha.

  9. Nuz, that's exactly what I was thinking!! I've never had a horse stop and pee while I was riding. My mare would wait hours until we got home from a trail ride to pee. She sometimes would pee if I got off first. It may be uncomfortable for some horses to stretch out and pee with us on them but Chrome didn't have an issue with it lol!!!

  10. I love these photos!! I am so jealous of your lovely fall weather. We are in the middle of a crazy downpour. I almost lost my boot in the mud. Even Dickie is disgusted.


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