Monday, November 12, 2012

More Pictures!

Here are some more pictures, since that's all I seem to do anymore LOL!  It was cold this morning so I thought maybe Chrome would be feeling energetic.... not so much.  So I went and got my whip with a plastic bag tied to it.  Don't worry, after I was done getting trot pictures I rubbed the bag all over him and let him play with it.  He wasn't scared of it.  :)  I went out fairly early, but there was no cloud cover so the lighting was a bit harsh.  Oh well, they are still cute!!  :D

 I was running so this turned out blurry, so I used the oil painting filter to soften it a little.
Nice trot though huh?  Not a single hoof on the ground.  :D

Anyone see the Arabian in my half Arabian?  I'm just not seeing it hehe.  ;)


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