Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 3 Chrome's Abscess

Chrome update:  My husband gave him Benamine (pain meds) this morning before he went to bed (working night shift).  When I got home Chrome was walking a lot better and was actually out grazing instead of hiding out in the barn.  The swelling is also gone in his leg. He's still limping, but not as bad as before.  I soaked his hoof again and he did sooooo much better.  I think it felt nice now that he's figured it out.  He let me soak it a lot longer this time.  Then I redressed it (and actually got it right the first time lol).  Then he got some persimmons as a reward for being awesome.  We will see how he's doing in the morning.  Hopefully he won't need more pain meds, but I have some in case he does.  Keep your fingers crossed this abscess blows soon so he can feel better.  :)

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  1. We are purring for Chrome. We hopes you feel better soon.


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