Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 2 Chrome's Abscess

 Here's a video of poor Chrome walking up to the house for his abscess treatment. 

I think the abscess is progressing very rapidly, so hopefully it will blow soon.  The difference in his lameness from yesterday is crazy.  I'm really worried about him because he has swelling up the back of the leg with the abscess that wasn't there when I first discovered the lameness yesterday.  I'm praying it's just the abscess causing the swelling and that he hasn't hurt himself worse or bowed a tendon.  :(  Keep your fingers crossed please.  We won't really know anything until the abscess blows and the swelling hopefully goes away.

Here are some pictures of my miserable boy.

Poor, miserable Chrome resting.

He heard me taking pictures and stood up.  Oops.  Oh well, there's a storm moving in and he needed to move to the barn.  Can you see the swelling in his right front leg near the fetlock and up the back of the leg?

"It hurts mommy."


  1. Poor baby! They always seem to get worse just before they get better. I'm sure the swelling is related to his abscess. Do you have a small area to keep him enclosed? If so you can try putting standing wraps all the way around. It will help him stand square. I usually just do the front but if his hind is sore u can do all 4.

  2. His hinds are fine. He's just standing weird because he stood up using three legs lol. I don't know how to do a standing wrap, but my farrier is going to show me on Wednesday if the swelling isn't gone. I'm sure he will be fine. I just tend to worry excessively.

    1. Lol. I just read that you were saying back if front foot not back leg. If its the front I'm sure it's abscess related. I'm not sure if the standing wraps help me or bre more but it sure makes me feel better. If you want me to send you a video of me putting them on I can then u dot have to wait til weds to bubble wrap him.

  3. Swelling is totally normal. If you have some DMSO or Surpas, that should help. Standing bandaged are not advisable if he's out in a pasture, and I think turnout/movement is better for swelling so I would just keep him out.

  4. Sorry, I'm on my phone which is freaking out and creating typos, lol.

  5. LOL Frizz! No worries. I really appreciate the advice. And I'm relieved to hear the swelling is normal. Some websites say it's normal and others say it's rare, so I wasn't sure. Of course when Chrome decides to do things he goes all out so it shouldn't surprise me that he has swelling too. What a dork. I'll keep you all updated. Thank you so much for your comments and reassurance.

  6. LOL! He does need bubble wrap! The dork is so accident prone. :D I can try watching a video on Youtube, but I'm worried I'll do it wrong and hurt him.... I'd prefer if someone were standing there watching me to tell me if I'm doing something wrong lol. I'm a big chicken!

  7. Oh my poor baby. If you do DMSO don't wrap his legs at all. His hair will burn off. Do one, or the other. I hope you get the help you're looking for and give him tons of hugs from me to feel better fast.

  8. poor baby. Irish will swell when the abscess is ready to blow as well. Usually when he's that bad it's ready to go.

    it's hard to seem them hurting but letting him mover around is the best thing for it.

  9. I've DMSO-ed and applied standing wraps plenty of times and zero burns, but I guess it all depends on the horse.

    I would definitely NOT do standing wraps if you've never done it before--you could give Chrome a bandage bow. It's definitely something that you need to be taught in-person and have someone experienced in wrapping watch you do it several times to make sure you're applying the wraps properly. It's a skill that takes some time to acquire--too loose and the wraps will slide and possibly fall off, too tight and you've got a bow. Definitely not something to take lightly!

  10. Thanks Frizz, for the info. That's what I thought I had heard and why I was so leery about trying it on my own. I won't wrap him for now. I'll just wait for Wednesday if it's even necessary by then (fingers crossed it blows before then).

    Thank you everyone for your comments, advice and good thoughts. Chrome and I appreciate them all!


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