Monday, January 27, 2014

Sleepy Pony

I love that Chrome is comfortable with me approaching him when he's napping in the warm sun.  :D


  1. Love when they let us do that!

    Is he wearing some sort of hat?

  2. LOL! I knew someone would ask that. I meant to explain in the post, but I forgot to. There is actually a fence behind him, but you can't see it and that's the end of a barrel leaning up against the fence. It's a good ten feet behind him, but it looks like it's on his head. I wanted to edit it out because it looks stupid, but I didn't have time. That was a fail photography moment where I was so focused on how cute he is I forgot to pay attention to what was in the background until I got to the editing stage. :)

    1. I figured there was a story behind it, sorry am too nosy for my own good.
      He is super cute!

  3. I was going to ask about his hat too! LOL!

    Monty and Harlow

  4. LOL! You aren't too nosy. As soon as I saw your comment I started cracking up because when I was editing the picture I told myself to explain it in my post and totally forgot hehe. Oh well, it makes for a fun story! :D Like.... that's his tin foil alien protecting hat thingy or a flying saucer landed on his head LOL!

  5. you know he could totally pull of a sombrero....

  6. LOL Teresa!! He's going to hate you because now I totally have to find a sombrero for a photo shoot LOL!!!!

  7. I haven't caught Dickie napping in forever. He can hear me coming before get near his pen so he's always impatiently waiting at the gate


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