Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Dirty Boys!

The picture above is cool because his forelock is split perfectly so you can actually see his interesting star.  Normally his thick forelock hides it.  You can also see his tiny snip and his white lips, hehe. 

I am SO sorry I haven't posted in a long time....  :(  I guess my plan to do better at blogging for the new year.... is a big fail!  Oh well, a friend of mine kindly reminded me to stop neglecting my blog so I grabbed my camera (for the first time in over a month) and went out to take pictures.  I do have to warn you that the pictures are awful!  It was the wrong time of day to try to take pictures, but I grabbed the opportunity while I had the chance.  :)

And considering it's January... I had the perfect opportunity to share with you guys how dirty my boys are.  The ground (and pond) have been frozen for longer than I can ever remember it being frozen, but it's started thawing the last couple of days... you know what thawing equals... MUD!

So enough chattering, here are the pictures of my dirty boys.  First up!  Faran!  You would think my black horse would be the dirtiest... but just you wait.

Faran's tail ornaments.

You might have to enlarge the picture to truly appreciate how dirty he is.

It was funny, the other day I thought Faran had rubbed out a ton of his mane and I started to freak out, but luckily half of his mane was on the other side LOL!  I haven't brushed it out (too cold for my poor fingers), so it's still on both sides in these pictures.

See how his mane looks all torn out?  It's not, trust me.  Look at the first picture in the post to see how his mane is on both sides.  :)  Also there is not snow or frost on the ground, it just looks white because the lighting was all wrong and the background is overexposed (actually almost all of them came out overexposed so I edited them a bit... not my best day's work).

Now we have Zep!  Also I took more than just these two pictures, but I either forgot to edit/watermark them or forgot to upload them... oops.

 Zep says, "I am NOT dirty!  I would never get dirty!"

 Yeah we don't believe you ZepZep.  Enlarge to see the full extent of his dirtiness lol.

 And now Chrome.  First I have a picture of my two headed, eight legged horse... haha just kidding.

 This is actually to show you how CLEAN he was!!!!

Until he did this... :(  The exciting news is he actually ROLLED ALL THE WAY OVER!  That's the first time I've seen him do it since he was a baby.  :)  I actually don't think he meant to do it.

 So I think because I've been ignoring Chrome (other than when I feed him and say goodnight to him) that he's decided to start training me, since I'm not training him..... he's preparing me for the day when he's completely grayed out.... *shudder*


That's talent right?  Gross!  So I failed my first test because I didn't even get a brush out LOL!  He has to wait until it's warm enough for a bath hehe.

 He's proud of himself!

 Isn't his mohawk still so cute??  He's rubbed it a little in the middle, but so far I haven't trimmed it at all and it looks great.  :)

 Enlarge this one!  He has smudges above both eyes and all over the bridge of his nose.... just how??

See the short spot in the middle of his mohawk?  That's where he rubbed it a bit on the hay ring, but so far it looks good.  I probably need to trim it soon.  :)

 See the pond still frozen over behind him?  I love his multicolored tail.  Here's a question for you though... is the bottom yellow from staining or is that just what color it still is?  Will it eventually grow out completely white?  If I cleaned it would it be white?  It's always been black, white and yellow (well obviously it started out all black lol) so I'm not sure.

I interrupted their nap time.  I actually have pictures of him with his eyes closed, dozing, but I forgot to upload them.  When I went inside to put my camera away and went back out, he was laying down asleep.  Oops.  He was a good sport though.  :)

We dewormed them later in the evening today, so I'll post pictures from that tomorrow.  I don't feel like editing more.


  1. I had been wondering how you and your boys were doing! I missed your gorgeous photos! Even dirty, your three are beautiful.

    Regarding Chrome's tail, my experience when seeing yellow like that at the bottom of a light-colored tail is that it is often dirt. If you're really curious, use a whitening shampoo on that portion of the tail when it's warm enough to bathe him. It might just end up being white! :)

  2. Thank you guys! You're sweet. :D

    Saiph I might have to try that. I won a whitening shampoo in a giveaway on one of the blogs last summer and I still haven't tried it. I'll do that when the weather gets warmer and I'll post before and after shots. :D

  3. baasha's tail looked exactly like that before i started to go crazy and wash it regularly (like every 2 weeks - in winter with warm water in a bucket).

    i've been wanting to recommend quicsilver to you - it is the very best of all the whitening shampoos. since i'm obsessive, i would wash the lower half of his tail with something strong first (i used palmolive yesterday, but on a chestnut so there was no noticeable difference) to cut out most of the dirt and grease. (only the lower part because i don't think it's good for the skin.) then i'd rinse it and wash it again with quicsilver being very careful not to let the purple stuff stain the hair - you have to make lather immediately. then i'd tie it in a knot and wait 20 minutes or more, then rinse and repeat, depending on your level of crazy. : ) you might notice that the part you washed is a shade lighter than than the part above it, and then you'll feel like going and doing it again but higher up. or you could do a fun experiment and simply wash half of the hairs, and then take a picture for your blog.

    whitening shampoos work cumulatively so you have to do it regularly to get the tail really white. it might not be possible and you might have to cut some of the worst stained part off, but it will grow back in and you can then control exactly how white the new hair is with your new obsessive regimen. he probably has brown and black hair mixed in with the white, but you can tell the difference between stain and brown hair because the stain starts off white and changes color.

    it's fun! now i'm gonna go try to find that blog post i did comparing baasha's tail before and after.

    i might be crazy about tail washing, but i don't like keeping tails in bags so his tail was never as white as possible. i guess my vanity has some sort of limit.

  4. well, i found an "after" picture of another grey arab i obsessively tail-washed for a summer. you'll have to trust me his tail was pure yellow. the owner was pissed that i cut the tips off but his tail was SO thin i hated that. however, not long after she got mad, she noticed his tail was no longer yellow and asked me how i did that.

    oh, i forgot - at the time i had no quicsilver, so i was desperate. i used german "spray and wash" on the lower half of his tail (not letting it get on skin at all). wow, spray and wash really cuts through stains. you might try it if you have no quicsilver.

  5. found it! with before and after pics:

  6. Oh WOW Lytha!! That's crazy how white his tail is in the after picture!!! I didn't realize it could be that white. Chrome's has always been yellow so I sort of always thought it was the color, but you're right it probably is staining. I kind of like the black/white/blonde of his tail, but out of curiosity I might wash it to see what happens. :D I don't have any quicksilver, but I have some other stuff I won in a giveaway. If I like his tail white I will get some of the good stuff hehe. Thanks for the tips! I can't wait to try it now.

  7. there is this angelic-faced arabian across the street - show quality, pure white, delicate features, with a lifetime of crud in his tail. it kills me. his tail is not only brown, it's black with diarrhea (he's very old). every time i see him, i want to offer him the dignity of a clean tail, but then, it would be a non-stop job that only i would appreciate, apparently. so, i hope i've infected you with the "crazy" but if not, chrome is gorgeous either way. (i should admit that horses almost never have a sense of dignity that my childhood fantasy attributes to them despite being grown up now.)

  8. speaking of angelic-faced arabians, what the heck with the denver broncos mascot being unforgivably GORGEOUS? i'm from seattle but oMg have you seen that arabian horse? he's not just a typical arab, he's really, really nice. and why couldn't that team just pick a brown mustang and be good? why a show quality flashy typey arabian? i am glad i'm not on facebook cuz what could i say to my family/friends about my moral dilemna? i trust this comment will remain here and i will not be in any sort of trouble..

  9. LOL you crack me up!!!!! I had never even looked at the Denver Bronco's mascot, but I looked it up because of what you said.... OMG! What a GORGEOUS Arabian! That is so totally not the horse I envision when I think bronco LOL!!!!!!!!

    P.S. That's sad about the neighbor's horse, but you're right... probably no one would appreciate it but you and if he has diarrhea from not digesting his food properly it will always get disgusting again. Poor guy.

  10. Gorgeous photos - looking forward to getting to know your boys. :D

  11. Thank you Aoife! I'll get caught back up on your blog as soon as possible!

    1. Lol, don't worry about my blog...lots of whining lately *blush*

  12. LOL! We are allowed to whine! It's our blogs! :D


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