Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Cute Pictures

At feeding time yesterday I spent some time taking pictures of the horses.  I got some pretty good ones, although I'm very frustrated by the fuzziness from dropping my camera.  Oh well.  I'm just happy to have a means to take pictures of my beautiful boys even if they aren't perfect.  There are two that I absolutely LOVE from yesterday though!  The evening light was perfect...

Sorry about the lines and watermarks.  Aren't they lovely??  I love how the light just glows on one side of his body.  :)  It's so hard to take pictures at feeding time though because all they want to do is hang near the feed room waiting for something to eat.  When they stand at the front fence the evening sun is behind them which puts our houses and vehicles in the background... so annoying!  Again, oh well!  Here are the rest of the pictures.

The leaves in Faran's mane almost look purposely put in it for decoration lol!  He's talented.


I got a lot of looks from them like this one above... "What are you doing in here with us?  Get out there and get our feed!"

It's fun to look at the difference in the shape of their heads.  Faran's ears point straight up which opens up the angle between his ears and face.  I've always loved that about him.  His nose is rounded almost like a roman nose too, but not quite.  Chrome's face is slightly dished from the Arab in him.  I love that!  Also his mohawk is just to die for!

 "Quit following me around!"
 You can see Zep's ears behind Faran.  He's giving me the cold shoulder since we dewormed him.  :(

This next series of photos is hilarious... check it out.

 "Hmm, what is this?  An electric fence insulator that I pulled out of the post because I'm super destructive."

 "Wait... whoa, what is that?  How is it floating in midair?  It's supposed to be stuck to a post so I can use it as a pacifier!"

 This one looks like he's about to eat Jackal lol.  Gotta love perspective.

 "It is my pacifier... I mean insulator... I want it!"

 "I can't get it!  I bent the fence over when I was being destructive and now it's trapped between two layers of fence.. I'll chew the wire until it gives me the pacifier."

 Dang I forgot to edit the one where he was reaching over... he tried reaching to the outside of the fence to get it, but he couldn't because the wire is wrapped over it, so then he got mad hehe.  I LOVE that arched neck in all of those.  :D

 Here he is showing you guys his sombrero from the last post.  That's the fence that was behind him in the napping photo and yes Mr. Destructive has been leaning on it and destroying it too.  We have to get the electric wire working again!  So as you can see the barrel end is bigger than it looked in the other photo, but it's kind of leaning into the sagging fence, so it looked like a sombrero he was wearing on his head hehe.

 I love eye shots.  I used my macro setting and had my camera right up next to his eyeball.  He didn't appreciate it!  He was getting impatient for supper... oh wait.. he's impatient the second I walk out the door.

 And one last photo.... Chrome wants to take a bite out of Jackal!  He's leaning against the fence again.... turd!

I LOVE that mohawk!

Well my fingers are still frozen eighteen hours later so I hope the pictures are entertaining.  :D  It was worth it to me because I got some really cute pictures!  I need to find some thin gloves to wear when taking pictures though.


  1. I love the photos. Your horses are so cute.

  2. I've always loved little Chrome - I recently started working at a dressage barn as a groom and one of the horses there is a LOVELY Fresian/Arab cross mare named Promise - she's dappled grey and petite like him, almost every time I bring her in for her ride I find myself wondering if they're related as they look SO much alike!

  3. Thanks guys!!

    Stephanie that is so cool! First congrats on the new job. I used to work at a dressage stable and it was so fun! I see you started a new blog about it, so I'll be following along. So exciting! Second, I have seen other Friesian/Arabian crosses that look so much like Chrome it's crazy! The cross seems to have a very set look... well you still get the really weird, wonky ones crossing those two breeds, but for the most part they seem to have a lot of similarities. Would you be able to take a picture of Promise? I would love to see his "twin" hehe. :D Thanks for commenting!

  4. Leaning over fences must be a friesianX nasty habit, as my Nancy is a demon for it too!
    Loved the photo-guide, stunnig shots of adorable ponios!
    Hope the fingers defrost asap!

  5. I love his eye liner and nose liner. I wonder what color he will be in a year? He's def moving into dapple gray stage soon. Pretty boy

  6. LOL Aoife! It might be! He's always been bad about leaning against fences! He hates it when I get the electric fence plugged in and working because he has to keep his distance, but lucky for him something always falls on the stupid thing and shorts it out lol. Too many trees!!

    Super Pony, I do too! I've been wondering the exact same thing as well. I can very faintly see dapples (that don't show up on camera) so I'm thinking when he sheds out this spring or this fall that he's going to develop some dapples. I love how slowly he's graying out, but the suspense is killing me on if he will dapple or not lol!! If he does dapple though I want that stage to last as long as possible hehe. :D


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