Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Ride of 2014 - Ride 40 - Happy New Year!

Sorry for the old pictures.  I didn't take any today.  I was working out in the yard with my dad and husband today and they drove the truck to the back of the pasture, but I had to take Stormy inside so I got left behind.  After taking the dog in I got my bridle so I wouldn't have to walk, but they were already driving back so I just bridled Chrome and rode him in the yard instead.  I rode around bareback at the walk for about twenty minutes, just enjoying the gorgeous weather and my sweet horse.  At one point my dad got in his truck to move it and I moved Chrome in front of it so he couldn't go anywhere.  It was hilarious because he was creeping forward expecting Chrome to move out of the way on his own, but my brave boy stayed put and wouldn't budge.  We laughed and I moved him out of the way so he could park the truck.  :)

My leg is getting much better.  It doesn't hurt anymore and the abrasion is almost completely healed.  It's still a hard knot and bruised, but it's getting better every day.  I can't remember ever having a bruise/abrasion take three weeks to heal.  Sheesh!  The abrasion was fairly deep though so I shouldn't be surprised.  It looks like it's going to heal without a scar though, so that's cool.  :)

Faran is doing great.  He has padding across his ribs again, although he's not quite back to his old weight yet.  I did deworm him with Safeguard (it's all I had on hand) to make sure that wasn't contributing to his weight loss.  His rain rot is gone too, so all is good now.  :D  I hope everyone has a great new year!!  My only goal for 2014 is to live in the moment and enjoy every single day to the best of my abilities.  I'm going to be a bad blogger and not do a 2013 recap since most of the year was taken up with moving and building the house (boring).  I do want to try to do better with blogging this year since the house is.... if not done at least we're living in it hehe.  Happy new year!!  I'll get caught up on blogs as soon as possible.  :)


  1. Hope your leg continues to improve. Chrome is such a goof. I suppose he figures if he just stands there then that big old truck will have to go around him. I suspect in his horse brain he was thinking "You can't make me move! Neener neener neener!"

    Mango Momma

  2. Somehow I totally missed that post about your leg and the ice. I just went back and read it now. I'm so sorry. Three blows in one day. You must have strong bones. I'm glad Faran's issues have resolved themselves and you got to ride Chrome.

  3. Oh jeesh, I hope your leg heals soon. Happy New Year!

  4. Wow! You have such a gorgeous horse!

  5. Thanks guys! My leg doesn't hurt anymore and the abrasion is almost completely healed. The ugly bruising will take a long time to go away though. Oh well hehe.

    Thank you Alassea!!


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