Sunday, December 29, 2013

Faran Update

Oops, sorry I haven't updated!  My husband's family left.  His niece was coming down with something (probably a head cold) and I was a bit offended.... so many people just don't give a damn if they infect other people.  My brother just recovered from the flu and is still weak.... getting sick again could be so dangerous since he has a compromised immune system!!  So I'm avoiding my parents and brother as much as I can in case I've caught it and just haven't started showing symptoms.  I've bleach cleaned my entire house so hopefully I won't get sick.  Keep your fingers crossed.  :)

Anyway you don't care about my illness paranoia, so I'll tell you about Faran.  He seems to have recovered from choking completely, although he has lost weight.  During my research I read that they can lose quite a bit of weight quickly because their throats hurt so they don't eat as much hay.... top that off with cold weather and it's not really a good thing.  Don't worry, he's not emaciated or anything, just a little ribby (would be normal on a Thoroughbred, but odd on my air puff Percheron).  You can barely see them because of his thick winter coat, but you can feel them more than I've ever felt them before.  I've added oats to his pellets just for quick calories and I'm going to start feeding him the Enrich 32 again as soon as the feed store gets a bag in (I wish they carried it more consistently) because he needs the protein.  They are also due for deworming so I'll do that asap just in case.

He appears to LOVE his soupy, disgusting mash everyday.  He slurps it right up.  In fact we've put a rock in his bucket just to slow him down some.  So far there hasn't been any sign of choke, so hopefully he won't ever have a problem with it again if we make sure to always soak his pellets.  I will NEVER feed them dry ever again to any horse after going through that.  Besides the extra water is good for them in the winter.  :)

The other two are doing well.  I'll update again soon.  I really need to get my camera out and take some pictures!  There is more cold, cold weather on the way.  *pout*  Also hoping I don't get a head cold.  If you don't hear from me for a week that will be why lol.  I hope you all had a great weekend (and Christmas actually!  I never even posted Merry Christmas!).

P.S.  I am reading blogs whenever I can get a minute, but I haven't been commenting like I usually do.  I'm sorry.


  1. Glad to hear Faran is doing great! I too like feeding grain as a wet mash because of the extra water, especially at this time of the year. :) I hope you stay healthy and completely avoid the cold! Merry belated Christmas!

  2. Good news on the Faran front, not so good on possible contamination. Hopefully your family made their exit before they could deposit cooties on you.

    Mango Momma


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