Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow, Stifles & Rain Rot, Oh My!!

Okay, I have a few updates, but first I don't have any new pictures, so you will have to enjoy looking at old pictures of Chrome playing in the snow from a couple of years back.  I'm trying to get into the spirit of winter... seriously I almost posted a bunch of green, summer pictures to continue with my denial, but I have to admit that winter is on the way.  :(  Literally.  We have a bunch of winter weather on the way... probably more ice than snow, which is too bad because ice causes a lot of damage and snow makes much prettier pictures.  :)

 So if I don't post for a while it's because we got ice instead of snow and lost electricity.  I'm really hoping we don't, but I have to be prepared.  When I was a kid I remember getting so much ice that we didn't have electricity for over a week!!  They are saying that this winter weather could be just as bad as that or worse.  *pout*  So we've been preparing as well as we can, like stocking up on groceries, firewood (so we can stay warm if the power does go out) and hay (obviously!).

In other news... have I ever mentioned how slow I can be?  And how forgetful?  Chrome's back is not sore anymore, but his stifles are still locking.  I was sitting here the other day trying to figure out what had changed and on a whim I sent my farrier a text asking if he was due (I know I should keep a calendar lol) and she said yes.  Well imagine that!  Every single time he's due his stifles start locking, so I know it's the angles in his hooves as they grow out causing it.  We keep trying to shorten his trim cycle, but since I moved so far away from my farrier it's kind of hard.  I don't want to find a new farrier so I'm thinking about trying to rasp his hooves weekly between his trims.  I have to find my hoof stand though because my back has still been bothering me off and on.  Anyway I'll keep you updated on that.  My farrier is coming out tomorrow to trim him, so his break is probably going to just get extended until after the winter storm moves on through.

I did finally get rid of Chrome's rain rot.  Yay!  It only took one full treatment of MTG and some spot treatments a second time to get rid of it.  Unfortunately now Faran has it!!  Grr!  I can't win.  So my husband and I will be treating him tomorrow.  I haven't used MTG on him before so I'll have to do a test spot to makes sure he isn't allergic to it.  I hope he won't be too put off by the smell of it.  Chrome is so used to me putting stuff on him because of his sweet itch that he doesn't pay any attention to it anymore.  Faran on the other hand hasn't ever had anything except fly spray put on him (that I know of) and he still doesn't even like that.  I'm sure he will be fine though.  I'll take pictures for you entertainment lol!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed his rain rot clears up quickly.

I think that's all of my updates.  My brain is very disorganized lately.  I do have some potentially exciting news to share soon, but I don't want to say anything because I always jinx myself and I don't even believe in jinxes!  So please keep your fingers crossed that it all works out.  :)


  1. I'm glad you solved the locking stifle mystery!

  2. MTG is my go-to treatment for rain rot! Despite the smell and the ick factor, that stuff WORKS.

    If you can, instead of trimming, an hour or so of road work once a week can help them self-trim. It's really amazing how much it wears down the hooves, and very interesting to see how the horses wear their own hooves based on their movement. Certainly more fun and less stress on your back than trimming with a rasp!

  3. I was glad too Liz! Jen, that's a good idea. I have noticed when we walk on the asphalt a lot that it helps self trim. I guess I'll just have to get more consistent with our walking (or riding). :)


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