Sunday, December 1, 2013

The rest of our Thanksgiving pictures.

You guys know me well enough by now that the above picture I posted on Thanksgiving is not the only one I got.  :D  So here are the rest of them.  The rest didn't turn out as well as the above photo.  The lighting was just wrong I guess.  We tried several different spots, but I guess it was just still too early.  So enjoy the pictures!


 Kisses!  Actually my hand is the object of their interest, but it's still cute!

 Faran totally photo bombed our photo session...

 So I got a picture with him too.  

 Chrome says get this crazy woman off of me!

 I LOVE this one! 

 In the above photo I was trying to kiss Faran's nose and Chrome wouldn't leave me alone so I let him lick my hand LOL.

 We can't leave Zeppers out.  One day he will be tame enough for me to take pictures with... I hope.

 I love his neck and mohawk!

Then we decided to run around a play some.

Then he chased my hubby a little.

 He looks mean (he was just playing), but I love his trot!

Hubby didn't get all dressed up for the photo shoot, as you can tell by his red plaid pajama pants in the picture where Chrome is chasing him, but I snapped this picture (above) anyway.  So cute!

P.S.  Yes I have been feeding Chrome peppermints from my hand and I had some in my pocket so he was obsessed over my hands in these pictures, but I don't care because he's not rude and we use the peppermints to throw on the ground to get pretty expressions for pictures.  I know he's spoiled.  :D


  1. He is such a handsome boy! My Friesian mare Isabel loves peppermints - she actually suck on them (so she is sort of that weird party trick you pull out when folks are over...). All of my Friesians come when they hear the sound of cellophane.

    Monty and Harlow

  2. All very cute pictures!!!! xoxo

  3. He's so handsome. It's crazy how much he's filled out. Very fancy boy


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