Saturday, December 7, 2013

We did get snow!

 Chrome looks frosted by the snow hehe.  I LOVE his color.  I wish it would always stay that way!

Well, we did end up getting some snow, but as you can see in the picture it wasn't much.  It didn't even cover the grass and I didn't bother measuring it.  It was cool though because it got so cold I could walk on the snow without breaking through the crust.  I've never had that happen.  When we get snow it's usually wet and melts within a day.  :)  When the winter storm came through and it was sleeting the poor horses were shivering.  I of course felt bad for them so we got the tractor and moved their whole round bale of hay into the barn lol.  They were happy then.  Spoiled brats.  Once they dried off they weren't cold anymore though.  They've spent the last few days out in it and haven't shivered a bit.  :)  So anyway, I'm tired and ready for bed, so here are the rest of the pictures.  Enjoy!  And let me know what you think of them!

First of all I was trying to get some action shots, because Chrome was feeling so playful....

But due to the delay on my camera I always get this weird, awkward stride!!

See!  I told you!  And even when I got the stride right I got it from a weird angle...

Like that one above!  I did manage to get one good trotting one...

Love this!

So since I was having so much trouble with the stride I decided to try continuous shoot mode on my camera.  I haven't used it in a while because it tends to downgrade the quality of the pictures really bad.  I started with one setting and got these below... crappy quality, but awesome trot!

I love how his mohawk is backlit and shiny white in the above pictures though.  :D  Then I tried a different setting on the continuous mode (top six instead of forty) and got these below... I LOVE them!

Even the walking one was in continuous shoot.  :D  He was lowering his head to sniff the snow.  So cute!  That was all of the action shots, now check out the rest of them.

 This one above I literally hit the shutter when he was a few strides away from me and it snapped the picture when he was right up next to me!  It was 20F so maybe the cold was slowing my camera down.  Not sure, but it's kind of cute anyway.  :D

 Full Friesian Alert!

Artsy shot with the pine needles of the same stance as the picture above.  It shows how far away he actually was.  :)

 And then I zoomed in for this shot.  He was on full alert for at least a minute!

 Here he finally relaxed and started walking toward me.  I messed up the focus (trees are sharp and he's blurry), but I really kind of like it!  It makes him look dreamy.  :D

 Look at that tail!  I can't tell if it was static or wind! 

 So handsome! 

In the above picture I was leaning against his side for warmth and to block the wind.  He was all sleepy eyed and I got this picture.  So cute!

I finally left him alone to his nap.  I guess all of the playing in the snow wore him out.  :)

Look at that bright white mohawk!!  Cute sleepy boy.  Can you see his dapples?  I can't believe he's finally dappling!

Check out Faran's icicles in his mane!!!  When he came in that first evening (when we moved the hay) he had icicles from his beard, his mane, his tail, his belly fur!  It was crazy!  I'd never seen anything like it.  Unfortunately I was too busy moving hay that I wasn't able to get a picture, but the one above is several days later... yeah it's been so cold that they haven't melted in DAYS!   The crazy thing is once the horses were dry they were fine and didn't even want in the barn anymore.  I wish I had the cold tolerance of a horse!

One last shot of handsome Faran.

I'm off to bed now.  I'm sure I've forgotten to mention something, but oh well... night!


  1. Some really great shots in there! Chrome's so photogenic. I hate when the camera decides it knows what focal point you really want. I keep my camera in continuous mode a lot around horses, doesn't seem to kill quality too much the way its set, and at least i don't end up with a bunch of blurry shots.

  2. Oh my gosh! Icicles in his mane? That is too cold for me!

  3. Great shots!! See, a little bit of snow and cold isn't that bad - it makes for great pictures! ;-)

    I like the colours of the brown grass and mixed trees in the background with a bit of white on the ground - neat!

  4. Thanks guys!! I was beginning to think nobody was blogging anymore because I haven't seen any comments in my email and then I came here.... and there they are... I wonder why they aren't being sent to my email anymore. Thanks for commenting. You guys are great!

    Also I have decided as awesome as these pictures are I HATE ice!!! I fell three times in one day... wait until you hear the details. I'll update as soon as possible.


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