Monday, December 16, 2013

The battle with rain rot continued...

The weather finally cooperated so that we could treat Faran's rain rot.  He doesn't have it too bad, just on his back and haunches with a tiny bit on his chest.  We treated it with the MTG like what we did for Chrome.  It took a LOT of MTG though because his winter coat is so thick!  I swear his coat is four times as thick as Chrome's.  If this treatment doesn't get it all I'll go get a new bottle of MTG or I might try a new treatment a friend told me about.  Anyway here are a few pictures.  I wasn't able to get many because I waited for my hubby to get home from work and we were losing daylight fast!

 Faran sporting his new pine needle highlights!  Hehe.  A friend said it looks like he got blonde highlights.  :)

I love shooting from fun, funky angles.  This one he was mid chew eating hay lol. 

I LOVE this one!  He looks like a light breed horse instead of a draft lol.  I love his white mustache!

And the oily, nasty mess after treatment.  They all needs baths so bad!

Faran did really well with the treatment.  He was eyeballing the bottle of MTG like it was a weapon, but after he sniffed it he was cool.  He stood perfectly still with a completely slack lead rope while my hubby doused him in the smelly stuff.  :)  Such a good boy!


  1. Rain rot is awful, hope it clears up soon!

  2. Good to hear Faran behaved so well! Good luck in getting rid of the rain rot. Are you still rehoming Faran? You had said you may have a solution for him but I didn't hear anything so figured it fell through. Is he working out at your farm better?

  3. We're still trying to rehome him. We have had so many possibilities that have all fallen through, but I'm not giving up hope. When the right home comes along it will all work out. :)


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