Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chrome Saddled Part II

He's not that butt high.  We were facing downhill.

 I rode Chrome in a saddle for the first time ever today!!!!  A recap for any new readers:  I bought Chrome at five months old and he's now just over three years old.  I started riding him when he turned three, but only bareback so far.  He's had ten rides total (counting today) and it's been two months since I last rode him (giving him a break over the summer because it's so hot and I want him to grow more).  He did AWESOME!!!!!

Sometimes I just can't believe how laid back and accepting of things he is.  He's braver than a lot of horses three times his age!!  Even after a two month break and only nine rides I was able to get on him and ride him around in a thirty acre pasture in a bitless bridle!  Okay, sorry I'm bragging (I think).  I just can't help it.  I love this horse.  :D

I attribute our success to several things.  Number one is breeding.  Chrome is a Friesian/Arabian cross and both of his parents are very confident, level headed, sweet horses.  Also, the great start his breeder gave him.  When I bought him at five months old he walked right on our trailer with no hesitation.  He knew how to lead, lift his hooves, stand tied, etc.  And he's taken everything in stride since.  I also think clicker training had a big part in our success because it has taught him to be confident in all situation, to explore his environment, think for himself and to trust me.  Last, and probably the most important, is just hours and hours and hours of time spent with him.  Taking him for walks, grooming him, taking pictures (hehehe), working on his hooves, clicker training, teaching him tricks, playing games together, desensitizing to everything I could find to play with, etc.  A lot of work went into getting him where he is now, but the awesome part is it didn't even feel like work!!!  Spending time with him and working with him is just so much fun.  :D

Anyway, sorry I got all talkative.  Here's what you probably care more about. Pictures!!!!  Captions are below the pictures and you can click to enlarge the photos.

 Faran makes us look tiny lol. I like how the sun makes Faran's face and Chrome's neck look golden.  Also we're standing downhill from Faran hehe.

I trotted him around a little to make sure he was still okay with the saddle.  We accidentally went too close to my hubby, but I still like the picture he managed to get.  :D
I like how this one turned out.  I was talking to Chrome and adjusting his bridle (you can see my thumb by his noseband).  Love his expression.

 Excited (me) and ready to go (both of us).  :D

 In this one he could hear the ducks playing on the pond and he could see one of the ducks walking around in the trees.  I don't know why he was so intent on that duck but he just stood and stared for a long time.  :)

 Riding around the pasture.

 The ducks started making a TON of noise on the pond while playing and he was acting all googly eyed about it, but he never did spook or anything.  Silly boy.  He sees them play everyday.  I think he was just being goofy.

 Getting a treat for being brave.  I LOVE the lips!

He got brave and puffed himself all up, then strutted off toward the pond to see what was making such a racket lol.

I love his face.  Oh and my best friend got me that t-shirt which says Besties and has a couple of nerds (which would represent us) on it hehehe.  :D

I was having fun.  Can you tell?  :D  Chrome is so used to my antics he barely even notices lol.

Hugs for the best colt on the planet!

Chrome had fun too!  Smiling for the camera is totally his favorite trick.

More hugs.  How does the saddle look on him?  I checked for his last rib and the saddle ends right at it, so it's borderline too long for him.  I think I looked okay with him though, don't you?

It's been a great break in the weather, but still warm enough for him to break a bit of a sweat (we only rode for ten or fifteen minutes at a walk).  The sweat pattern looks even to me.  What do you think?  I think the saddle was a bit too far forward though, so it probably is too long for him.  Also I don't have a girth small enough for him so I was using the bottom half of my surcingle and it has that sheepskin stuff on the inside so that's why the girth area is much sweatier.

We had a fun ride!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I look forward to your suggestions about the saddle (do you think I should keep riding in it or wait until I can get one specifically for him?).  Thanks!


  1. He looks amazingly comfortable with that saddle on, I just love the way he's so laid back about everything. You two are going to have some great rides together :)

  2. As long as you keep checking for sore areas on his back, you should be fine. Looks good on him! Handsome guy!

  3. You two are looking good!

    He is such a sweetheart and so adorable. :)

  4. Love that first pic! I would say as long as you check for pressure spots while the saddle is on him, without a pad, and all pressure is even and there isn't any gaps then keep riding him with a saddle. The sweat mark looks ok but you have to really see it to know for certain. If you start seeing hair that looks like it is mussed or rubbed after riding/lunging, you will know something is awry. Glad for the updates, looking forward to the next

  5. You are both looking great!


  6. Like a duck to water. Nothing seems to bother him at all. He looks great!

  7. He looks fabulous!!! Also - I LOVE when you catch up on my blog and I get to read all your comments in a row. :)

    Can't wait to see how he handles the under saddle stuff going forward!

  8. You guys look awesome in that first photo.

  9. Thanks guys!!! He's so much fun!

    Dom and appy, that first picture is my favorite too!! It turned out so awesome. :D

  10. He is SO proud! "I am carrying Mommy like a growned horsey! LOOKIT! LOOKIT ME! I RAWK!"

  11. Looks Awesome! It is so nice to be able to start a young horse without any fear. When nothing bad has ever happened, they have no reason to be afraid or distrusting.

    I had that with my first horse. We had an amazing relationship. I could do just about anything with him because he trusted me.

    The horse I have now didn't have such a nice start. I'm having to go back and try to fix a lot of issues. However, he is also the first horse that I've done any clicker training with and I think it has made all the difference.

    I'm sure you will have many more amazing rides ahead!


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