Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Old Cell Phone Pictures & Answering Questions

 Thank you everyone for your kind comments on Chrome's mane.  :D  I'm glad everyone likes it as much as I do.  Trust me, I've been debating this for months!  It was a difficult decision to make.  I love lots of hair on my horses (shouldn't be hard to guess that since my dream horse is the Friesian), so it killed me to throw in the towel and cut all of his mane off.  The OCD perfectionist in me just couldn't stand the ragged, uneven mane anymore and it finally overruled my love of long hair lol.  And I agree with you guys, the short mane does really show off his neck.  :D  Love it!

Smazourek, yes he is really the color his pictures show.  All I do is darken them a little because my camera is washing the photos out.  I love the mix of black, brown and white colors in his coat.  It's so cool!  I'll be sad when he turns gray/white because his color right now is just so fun!  :D

Thank you everyone for the tips on sweet itch.  I'm definitely going to try your suggestions.  :)  I'll keep you all updated.

So anyway, I was going through the pictures on my cell phone and found some from February that I never posted (at least I hope I didn't lol), so I thought I would share them.  They are really crappy because my cheap phone takes bad photos, but he is soooo cute!!  Besides it makes me appreciate the nice photos I'm able to take with my real camera hehe.

We were catching fish out of our pond with a cast net and had a bucket for putting them in.  Chrome decided to play with the bucket.


 And then he decided to check out the cast net....

 LOVE that neck!!

 He thinks the net smells funny.  I wasn't cueing him to smile here.

 Sniffing one of the fish we caught.  You can see it in my husband's hand.

A picture of me and Chrome.

 And last, but not least, Led Zeppelin!

Not sure when this one was taken, but I think it was this year sometime in the spring.  He's so cute!

Anyway that's all for now.  :D


  1. Not sure about specific sweet itch remedies, but for skin itchiness, nothing works as well as spirulina. Especially if you also give flax with it. There's an App I used to board with that would rub himself raw & bloody every year from skin allergies, even while on Dex. Since he's been on the spirulina, he's totally fine & itch-free. Oh, and I second the suggestion of rinsing with vinegar--it smells awful, but definitely helps cut down on itchiness.

  2. Hey Chrome!
    Wow, great pix of you and that bucket must have been a lot of fun! My Mom had a horse with a really bad mane (but she made up for it with an amazing personality!), so Mom shaved it clear off. Not fun, but it actually did look better. I think you are beautiful and Led is totally cute!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

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  4. I'm so excited I found your blog. I am bringing along a baby too and it will be fun to get ideas from you. Your boy is lovely. I can't wait to see what the upcoming year brings for you!

  5. Thanks for all the comments on my blog :) I do not remember how tall Riva was at 3 years. I don't think she grew in height much between the 3 and 5 yr mark, though. She just filled out more. Her sire was 16.1.


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