Monday, August 27, 2012

More Fun Equine Photos!

 It seems like lately all I'm good for is taking pictures lol!  Enjoy!!

Led Zeppelin is not impressed with having his picture taken lol.

 I'm still getting used to Chrome's haircut.  I still look at it and think "What was I thinking??"  :D

 Ducking under the trees to come see me.

 Cute little trot even though he's being lazy and on his forehand lol. 

Gorgeous Faran!

Check out Faran's reflection!

These sort of show their height difference. :)

And now my absolute new favorite picture ever of Chrome!!! 

So gorgeous!  And not a single hoof touching the ground.  :D


  1. The last picture is beautiful!! Nice shot!

  2. Lovely pictures, they're all looking so well and happy :)


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