Friday, August 17, 2012

Random Photos of my Ponies!

 Work has been sooooo stressful and is keeping me very busy, so I'll just post a few random, cute photos!  Above is Faran grazing.  I LOVE his cute wrinkly nose.  :D

Chrome loves his salt block so much he totally zones out and closes his eyes while he's licking on it.  I try to keep the block in a plastic salt block holder, but he likes to paw at it and knock it out.  Brat.  I guess he likes his salt dirty.  Or maybe he wants a trace mineral block?  LOL!

 I love Faran's expression in this picture.  He looks so skeptical hehe.

Chrome's tail looks shorter than normal, but it may be because he's about to move it.  Hmm...  Anyway check out all the colors in his tail.  Blonde, white, black and brown.  So cute!  I can't believe I never knew how much fun it is to watch a gray horse mature and change colors.  :D

Anyway.  That's all for now.  I'll try to have something fun to post soon.  Oh, almost forgot to mention we've been getting rain and had some decently cool days lately.  Yay!  I hope autumn starts now and lasts for like two months lol.  I know, wishful thinking!

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