Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chrome is so full of himself! (and other random pictures... again!)

First of all the best side effect of all the rain is that the pond is full again!  It wasn't even half that full two days ago.  :)  Okay remember how in my last post I said I like taking pictures of the horses rolling?  Check these out...

 Going down!


And back up!  It's so funny seeing a picture of a horse standing up because it happens so quick you never realize how awkward they look.  I love his flying forelock hehe.

 He knows he's gorgeous!  Getting ready to do the other side.. yeah he only rolls on one side at a time, then stand ups, shakes off, turns around so he's rolling uphill and lays down to do the other side.  He will not roll downhill.  I think that's the reason he can't roll all of the way over is because he aims for uphill.  Dork!

 Going down again...

 .. and I missed the roll that time, but here he is coming up.  I LOVE his expression and splayed legs. So cute!

 Gross... just gross Chrome!

 I wish this one hadn't turned out blurry.  I caught him mid snort hehe.

I'm not done yet, check out Led Zeppelin!

 Feels so good! 

 After rolling he yawned...

 He does roll all of the way over by the way.

 ... and another yawn.  So cute!!

Okay enough of that.  Here are the pictures that give the post it's title...

 The blurriness in this one is totally my fault.  I messed up the focus. I wish I hadn't cut him out of the shot, but I still love it.  One day (hopefully 20+ years from now) when Chrome is gone I will love all of these pictures and not care one bit that they are blurry. :)

 I LOVE this one (even though it's over exposed)!  I got the focus right on this one, so the blurriness is due to dropping the camera.  I don't care though, I love it.  :)

 He finally enticed Faran to play!! I don't have many rearing shots of Faran.  I love it!
He would make such a great SCA jousting horse if he could be ridden.

 This is what Faran puts up with daily.  :)  What a pest!

Finally when I walked over to the gate to talk to mom, I was leaning against the gate and Chrome walked up beside me and hung his head over the fence like he was joining in our conversation.  I twisted the camera around and clicked the shutter even though I couldn't see what was in the frame.  I think it came out great (below).  The angle is coming from underneath because he had his head that far above mine.  :)

And a close up of that gorgeous eye!

That's it for now.  Keep your fingers crossed the rain stops so I can ride!


  1. I love all the pictures in your posts! I'm just getting a chance to start reading your blog, and I really enjoy your great pics! I love photography too, but it seems like I never have time to spend on really improving, so I'm going to live vicariously through you:)

  2. Aww thank Gail! As you can probably tell by my comments in my posts I'm very critical of my photography, so it's nice to hear that you like it. :D You made my day!

  3. He reminds me so much of Griffin with his antics.


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