Monday, November 18, 2013

So Scary!!! (just kidding)

I love how handsome my boy is with his gray face. :D  Okay first of all I took these pictures on Friday, I've just been too busy to post them.  Oops.

ETA:  I have baling twine around his neck in the above picture.  I use it to lead him to the pond for his drink when I'm too lazy to get the halter (or if it's raining).  Don't worry though, it can't hurt him and he listens really well.  :)

You have to watch the video first, then you can see the pictures . . .  see if you recognize the sound in the video before I tell you what it is.

Okay now you can see the photos.  Or if you can't watch videos due to your internet you can just skip to the photos.  I took some screenshots off of the video.

 Hundreds of blackbirds migrate through here in the fall.  I grew up listening to and watching them every fall, so I'm used to them, but Chrome hasn't!  The area where we used to live was near a lake and not covered in trees like it is down here so we didn't see them up there (we only lived an hour away from where we are now, but it was much closer to a city).  Chrome was excited, trotting, cantering and bucking around his pen so I let him out to play.


I wish I had caught the picture above two seconds earlier because Faran was completely in the frame and they were both bucking at the same time.  Dang digital camera delay!! Faran doesn't buck very often, so when he does you know he's really riled up and having fun.  :)

 "Mom!  The blackbirds are going to eat me!  Haven't you ever seen the Alfred Hitchcock movie??"

This one (above) is so cute.  He was trotting toward Faran making ugly faces because Faran was eating the persimmons and I got the picture right as he was stopping.  I thought for a second he would just run right into Faran.  :)

Here are some screenshots from the video for those who couldn't watch it.

Chrome can trot when he wants to, he just prefers to canter.  :)

He looks so much bigger than Faran because he's cantering and Faran is doing his flat trot.

Faran prefers to trot.  :)

I love how uphill his canter is getting sometimes.  His canter shots used to look like he was diving on his nose lol.

And one of Mr. Zep so he doesn't feel left out.

Well that's it for today.  Sorry the pictures kind of suck, but I wanted to share the video of the horse playing and I also wanted to share it because of the birds.  I love the racket they make when migrating!

I'm so going to miss this gorgeous southern autumn weather!  I was outside all day yesterday in shorts and a tank top!  In mid November.  I love it here.  :)  Sorry for rubbing it in.  I know some of you already have snow... that sucks and I'm sorry.  You should move down here with us!  :D  Also if it makes you feel any better it's about to get cold here too.  For those of you with nice weather go enjoy riding your horses and for those of you with crappy weather I hope you can enjoy a nice horse book, movie or blog in front of a warm fire (or in your wonderful central heating if you're lucky enough to have it).  :D  Later!


  1. Chrome is so handsome, but I love your donkey too :P

  2. OMG Chrome. He's like Fabio or something with his suave good looks! All of them are quite stunning, though.

    Those blackbirds would And I'm a biologist, haha!

    I'm glad someone else totes there horse around on baling twine. I'm notorious for using ridiculous things like that (one time my shirt!) to lead my horses around. Its always so nice to have such well-mannered beasts. =)

  3. Hehehe I've made the Fabio reference in regards to Chrome before. :D I'm glad someone else agrees with me!!

    The blackbirds are usually only around for about a day before they move on. They usually stay out of our yard too because of the dogs. I really enjoy them, because they are kind of like a tradition since it only happens once a year. :) I can't hear them from inside the house either (well except for the acorns falling on the roof, that was the loud popping noise you probably heard, they are bad about shaking them loose) so that helps.

    Oh my goodness, yes I have used sooo many crazy things to lead my horses around with, including shirts, grass, hula hoop, jump ropes, etc. Growing up you would have thought I didn't own any halters or lead ropes! With my Appy mare that I grew up with I got so sick of never having something with me and I taught her to lead by her forelock (she had her mane shaved too). It worked great. :D I may have to teach Chrome to do it hehe.

  4. I love little Zep. Wait for me!

    Gosh, those birds are LOUD!

    Mango Momma


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