Friday, November 22, 2013

Random photos of the handsome beasts!

Okay I figured out what my problem was.  It wasn't blogger or my browser, it was my mouse!  I had dropped the poor thing so many times that is finally died.  It was doing some weird stuff highlighting and moving things I didn't want highlighted or moved.  It made blogging difficult.  :)

So I want to thank everyone for their awesome advice and I know it's time to stop babying my 'not a baby anymore' horse and start riding him!  So I am...... as soon as the rain stops.  Of course I would decide to start riding more and then it would start raining... literally ALL day for two days straight with more on the way!  So as soon as I can walk out of my house without sinking into the mud and possibly drowning (you know I'm exaggerating right?) I will get to work getting our butts in shape.  Until then, enjoy the pretty pictures from earlier sunny days.  :D

 I'm still loving his Mohawk!  However I also love Faran long, thick mane too.  :D

 I can't tell if he's starting to dapple or if the hair is just growing in white where his sweet itch sores were....

I know this is my horse blog, but I had to share a picture of my sidekick Jackal.
He's always out there right by my side when I'm photographing the horses.

 Zeppers is getting his curly winter coat (and it's brown ick!  I prefer when he's black hehe).  

 Biting Faran in the butt trying to get him to play...

 When that didn't work he decided to scratch his back. 
I love taking rolling pictures!

Here is another one!

 Chrome wants to know if I'm going to play... Zep is staring at... my dog maybe?

 One of the best (not blurry) bucking shots I've gotten in a long time.
I love the way the sunlight highlights his tail and hooves.  

 I want to do a watercolor of this picture (above)!!  I love the backlighting!  I just need to practice some more because I think that one is a bit advanced for me (a friend just started teaching me to paint watercolors!).  Isn't it crazy how the light makes Chrome different colors?


  1. he looks so mature in the last one!

  2. I love watercolors! Those pictures look nice.

  3. Wow, you're worried about Chrome's weight, LOL. In the 10th picture down with Zep. He looks pregnant, LOL. Maybe he was standing funny! Either way, they are all beautiful!!

  4. Thanks guys!

    Janine, you made me laugh! He looks pregnant when you look at him from straight on because he's so ridiculously narrow. :) His weight is good now. I won't let him get any fatter, I just want to maintain it now.

  5. The sunlight on those bucking hooves make them look all the more powerful. Yes, I can see why that last picture would inspire a watercolor.

  6. I love the way his mohawk highlights his neck.

  7. Me too Dom! It's seriously making me consider never letting him grow a mane again lol.

    Thank Nuz. If she ever says I'm practiced enough to try a water color of that picture I will share it with you guys. :)

  8. Now that is a horse that looks great with a roach!

    PS LOVE your donkey.

  9. I adore his mohawk..especially in the sun.


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