Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm a Wimp

Picture is from last year, but that's seriously how cold it feels outside!

Okay, I had planned to ride Chrome today so that I could wear breeches and paddock boots to see if they made any difference in my lower leg stability and to get more video, but I totally wimped out.  It got cold today!!  I've decided that if I'm moving around outside 50F is comfortable . . . at the worst I can deal with 40F, but below that no way Jose!  I don't think it ever got out of the thirties today ugh.  This is not normal weather for November in the south.  Normally I'm still in shorts and tank tops lol.  I miss that!  Oh well, enough whining about the cold.  I'm inside, curled up in my electric blanket with a tummy full of homemade potato soup and I'm happy.  :D

Also all of the maple leaves are down and have turned brown so I turned the horses loose for the night so they can hide out in the thick pine trees for shelter against the wind since it's going to be so cold.  Now hopefully Chrome won't pig out on acorns and make himself sick.  I'm pretty sure they ate acorns at our old place and it didn't hurt them, so fingers crossed.  I've read that the green ones can hurt them, but that they are usually okay to eat the ripe ones.  Ours are ripe, so they should be good.

I've decided to ride Chrome on any day that it isn't raining or too cold (below 40F for me) even if they are consecutive days because otherwise he probably would not get ridden at all.  I'm sure at four and a half he will be fine with the increased riding and for riding on consecutive days if I don't go overkill with it (which you all know I won't considering how much I've babied him so far lol).  Thanks again guys for all of your comments, advice and suggestions.  I love hearing from you!


  1. It WAS cold! My horses had their blankies on all day (I put lightee blankets on them during the daylight hrs but still....

  2. It hasn't gotten above 40 here since Friday, and has been raining almost nonstop. Yuck! I'm wearing my SKI PANTS for barn chores, so I am right there with you as a winter wimp!

  3. Brr... That's cold. I'm lucky it only get's in the 40s here at night and early morning.

  4. Don't feel too bad--it's currently 62 (w/wind, too!) and I am wearing a long sleeve shirt, fleece jacket, and windbreaker. And my little dog is wearing a Thinsulate-lined jacket w/faux-fur-trimmed hood. We are total Miami pussies! (Overnight low will be 49, though, which is SERIOUS cold down here!!!)

  5. When I was riding I would sometimes go out on seriously cold days. It's hard to get up the courage, but once you get going, you warm up. After all, you've got a horse underneath you and they generate a ton of heat.

    Mango Momma

  6. I'm glad I'm not alone!! I hope it warmed up for everyone.

    MM, you are right! Once you make yourself get out there and ride it is fun and you do warm up. I loved riding bareback when it was cold because the horse warms you up so fast. :)


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