Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 2013 Progress Report

I haven't done a progress report in a long time... oops.  I kind of miss being able to look back at them to see how Chrome has changed (especially with his coat getting lighter and lighter) so I'm going to try to start doing them again.  :D

Date: 11-21-13 (yeah I'm a couple of days late...)
Age: 4 Years 6 Month (and two days hehe)
Height: 15.2hh  (hubby said fifteen two and an eighth of an inch lol)
Height Gain: None.  I'm fairly certain that he's as tall as he's going to get.  Now time to widen out some Chrome!
Weight: N/A 
Weight Gain: I didn't have time to get his weight measurements, but he looks good. :)

Progress:  Progress... what is progress?  Or goals?  I'm just playing.  2013 got completely consumed by house building, moving, settling in, etc. so I didn't accomplish anything really.  We had some fun rides and we had fun goofing off, but I think it's time to get our butts in gear!  So let's move on to goals.

 Goals: My goals for this next month are simple.  Exercise.  For me and Chrome.  I want to start riding more and I really want to start ground driving him again.  That is all.  I want to see how the weather and my motivation are before piling on too much.  

And since I haven't done a comparison in a while either, here are pictures from previous years' progress reports.  :D






And looking at the other pictures I just realized how dirty he is!  Oops!  :D

Well I hope this post works because I'm having some weird, weird problems with either blogger or my browser....


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