Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ride 37 (video)

My husband wanted to take Faran for a walk on the road, so I jumped at the chance to ride Chrome out.  I've only ridden him once in the last month and a half (that ride wasn't on the road), so he was excited and looking hard at everything, but he didn't spook at anything he was looking at... he spooked at leaves rustling in the trees... you just have to watch the video.  It's hilarious.  Also I sound like a total dork talking to him, but that's part of what makes it funny so turn your sound up.

And yep I was bareback (see above; picture was taken after the spook on the way back home).  When he spooked I was holding the reins at the buckle in my left hand and the camera in my right hand.  He spooked big to our left and I slid to the right, but amazingly I didn't fall off.  I couldn't believe it.  There was a second where I was looking at the pavement thinking dang that's gonna hurt!

So you would think a big spook would shake my confidence, but it actually made me feel better because he just jumped sideways and then stopped.  He didn't spin and he didn't try to take off.  I stayed on bareback so if I'm in the saddle when I ride out alone I have an even better chance of sitting a spook.  I guess it takes seeing what he does when he spooks on the road to give me confidence to go out by ourselves.  He never once tried to trot and I had him on the buckle almost the whole ride.  He stopped when I asked and even stood still.  We had a bunch of vehicles drive by and none of those bothered him.  None of the dogs bothered him.  It was just the rustling in the leaves lol.  Silly horse.  We were only out for thirty five minutes and stood talking at the neighbor's for about ten of those minutes (he did better about standing still there, but still tried backing up a lot.)  Anyway here are the pictures.

We started out following Faran to see how Chrome would act.  He was definitely looking hard at everything.

 Then we started leading because he was fine, just looking around a lot.  

We were leading when the spook happened and he did not try to turn back to Faran or home.  He just stood there.

This (above picture) was just before I started video taping.  They were much closer because I had stopped to wait for them. If you watched the video you saw how far ahead we got just in that short time.  I love how fast my boy walks.  :)

So I had fun and I can't wait to try riding out alone.  I have some more pictures and a short video of me riding Chrome yesterday, but I have a question I want to ask so I will save it for tomorrow.  :)


  1. Fast walk = endurance pony in the making! You know you wanna! ;-)

  2. Yes I do. :D Or at the very least I want to do CTR, but maybe some endurance riding too.

  3. Oh my gosh. That video was so shocking. I was screaming right along with you. I can't believe you hung on. I have to brace against stirrups to stay upright at teleportations.

  4. LOL! I know! I have no idea how I stayed on. I was surprised too. :) After it was over I just kept looking down at the pavement and thinking dang that would hurt. I think from now on I'm using the saddle when we ride on the road. :) I don't have to learn lessons the hard way! I can take a hint lol. He was such a good boy though. When he jumped sideways he froze. It just looks bad on camera because I dropped it so it swung around on my neck strap (which I'm so happy I was using).


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