Friday, November 29, 2013

Ride 39

I just wanted to post really quick to mention that I rode Chrome today.  I will go into more details tomorrow because there are few things I want to share.  For now I'll just share a couple of pictures and details.  The ride was thirty minutes long in a saddle.  I wore my breeches and paddock boots (and remembered why I don't wear them because they are two sizes too small and hurt like hell!).  Chrome's stifle was locking again, which makes me sad because it hasn't bothered him in so long.  I hand walked him to warm him up and he mostly worked out of it so I decided to go ahead and ride.  After a long walking warm up with no locking I worked on trotting.  I figured out part of the reason my leg is swinging, but I'll share that with you tomorrow.  We were in the pasture and he was being horribly barn sour (and hubby sour; veering toward him), but otherwise willing.  I completely forget I'm riding a greenie sometimes.  He doesn't make me nervous at all.  :D I'll post more details tomorrow.


  1. Hmmm. If the weather is cooling down, could be arthritis in the stifle. I'm glad you got to ride. Both the breeches and paddock boots are two sizes too small? Are they hand-me-downs or did you grow out of them? I have a couple of pair of riding breeches I haven't worn in years because I just don't think about it. I put on jeans out of habit.

  2. I cannot get over how CUTE your pony is.

    That is all.

  3. Is there an equine chiropractor in your area? Sometimes massaging the joint loosens it.

  4. The breeches aren't too small, just the paddock boots. If I said breeches that was a mistake lol. They ares super comfortable!! I bought the paddock boots a million years ago and that's all they had and it was cheap so I grabbed them because I needed them. I can't find paddock boots in my size anywhere!! I'm probably going to have to look at men's..... :( Having ginormous feet is so annoying LOL!

    American Girl, I'm still looking for a chiropractor in my area that will come out to me (we're pretty far out)... hopefully I can find something. I really think the stifles are from his feet being overdue for a trim though because it only does it at the end of the trimming cycle. I'm just going to have to shorten the trim cycle. :)


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