Friday, November 8, 2013

Photographic Evidence of Recess From Prison!

I have photographic evidence that the ponies do get time out of prison to play!  :D  I have photography evidence of several other things too....

Evidence #1  The reason why Chrome has no mane...

Because he scratches it out on our gate support posts that are perfect Chrome mane height.... good thing he's cute roached!

Evidence #2  I have the cutest donkey on the planet!

 I adore that expression!

Evidence #3  I have a super brave and independent Chrome that does not keep his head up another horse's ass.....

 Oh... um nevermind.... haha!!

Evidence #4  Chrome has a super awesome neck.... when he wants to!

 Playing with the hose.

 Silly boy!

Evidence #5  My camera sucks!!

Look at how gorgeous he is!!!  That could have been such an epic picture, but ever since I dropped my stupid camera on pavement (the neck strap broke) every 9 out of 10 pictures comes out blurry.  Okay I admit the one above is because he was moving and so was the camera, so it didn't focus, but if you look closely at all the rest of the pictures, there is some degree of blurriness in all of them.  Super sad!  Hopefully I can save up for a new one because I miss having crisp, sharp photos.

Evidence #6  My boy is all grown up!!

His canines are coming in!

Evidence #7  Chrome and Zep still love each other...

Honest... that's brotherly love.  (notice the blur?? grr!)

I wish I'd had the camera earlier before I took all of these because Chrome was pooping and Zep walked up to him and just started chewing on his throat!  Poor Chrome, give him some privacy!  Yep, they love each other.

Evidence #8  Chrome is half Arabian!!!  (these below are my two favorite shots from today!)

I am in love with this shot!  Look at that knee action!

Evidence #9  Last, but not least, evidence of recess from prison (lots of blurry action shots).

He did a little lazy trotting around like in the picture above, but as usual His Laziness stopped after about two minutes and started eating maple leaves (yeah every time I let him out he tries), so I got a longe whip and started popping it in the air.  He isn't afraid of whips, he knew I was playing.  He came right up to me after we were done exercising.  His Arabian trots above were after I got the whip out.  :)

 This one above is hilarious!  He jumped a fallen tree and due to the delay on my crappy, messed up camera, I ended up with the above shot.  Graceful much Chrome?  Check out the hock flexion though. :)


He always goes behind crap.  Makes it hard to get pictures.  This was the biggest trot I've seen yet (above)!!  He looked like a Standardbred!  Sorry about the quality.
Hopping around like a lamb, silly horse!  It was like he was on pogo sticks. 

 Faran finally got in on the action.  He's lazy too!

Look at the reach under him with his hind leg!!  He was booking it!

 "What's next mom?"

 Tired pony (okay this was taken before the galloping around, but it's cuter here).

He didn't even work up a sweat (and it was hot today for fall/winter)!  Back to eating his hay as calm as you please.  I hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them, even though for the most part they suck.  My boy is so fun!


  1. Love all the evidence picutre!! #7 is so cute!! Um and #3 is HILARIOUS :)

  2. Thanks!! I had a lot of fun with this post. :D

  3. Cute post! Love all the photos :) And I had been wondering about Zep and Faran.

  4. Chrome and Faren look like book ends in that one picture


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