Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day Five of Prison (lots of pictures of my cutie pie and very few words)

Okay the first thing I noticed when I uploaded these picture is how white Chrome's face is getting!!!  Sheesh!  I didn't notice it as much in person because I see him everyday, but these photos really make his face look white.  :)  It was getting late so the lighting isn't great in these and some are blurry, but he's handsome so I'm sure you'll forgive me!

I put his bucket of beet pulp in the wagon because he likes to paw at it and dump it on the ground.

I tried feeding his Amplify in his beet pulp again this morning, but he kept trying to spit it out, so this evening I had the brilliant idea to hand feed the Amplify to him plain.  My sweet, gullible dude will eat almost anything that is hand fed because he thinks it's a treat hehehe.  He made faces over the first couple of handfuls (I was giving him tiny handfuls so he wouldn't spill it all over the ground), but then he was gobbling it up like it was candy.  I got a super slobbery hand out of the deal, but I don't mind because he ate almost a quarter of a pound.  I'll slowly feed more and more until he loves it so much he will eat it mixed in his feed.  :)

I love how the sun is shining on the trees in these pictures.  I also love his little mini Mohawk!  So cute!  I am 100% pleased with his haircut.  No regrets at all.  :D

So anyway I didn't mean to ramble on so much.  So far prison... err I mean being in the pen has gone well.  The leaves are falling quickly so hopefully prison will end soon.  :)  Anyway, enjoy the rest of the photos!

I love how his ears are always forward.  :D

 "Why do you keep taking pictures mom?  
I'm trying to enjoy my beet pulp Slurpee!"

 I love how he watches me while he's eating!

 The sun was setting and shining so golden.


One of the blurry ones above.  I just love how his side wrinkles when he scratches hehe!  Also his right side is the side of his mane that is white.  That's the side that was under his mane so I never noticed it before I cut it.  So cute!

 Another blurry one, but I love it!

He started dozing off so I left him alone.  Silly pony!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


  1. He does look cute with the roached mane!

  2. He's starting to fill out and look very mature. Handsome fellow!

  3. Handsome boy and a beautiful backdrop!

  4. wow he's really lightening up. I love his face!

  5. I started Dickie on amplify. I'm amazed. He got extra shiny overnight and put on wieght without getting hot. We used it on Romeo too. It's magic stuff.


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