About Led Zeppelin

Name: Led Zeppelin
Nicknames: Zep, Zeppers, Donkey
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Breed: Standard Donkey
DOB: 2007
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Color: Gray (not sure what the official names are for donkey colors lol)
Likes: Treats, eating and playing with Chrome.
Dislikes: People, sudden movements, being approached, etc.

When I decided to get Chrome I knew I would need a companion because a weanling just can't be alone.  So we asked around until we found out about a guy selling off his donkeys because they were basically wild, living in his junky yard and were getting to the age where inbreeding was becoming a possibility.  We got him really cheap and even though we bought him I still feel like he's basically a rescue because he wasn't getting cared for properly.

So we brought Zep home in 2009 when he was two, but he didn't have a coggins yet so we left him with my parents and the goats.  Then we found out a coworker was giving away young horses with coggins because she couldn't care for them anymore.  That's how we got Galaxy.  After Galaxy tried to kick us several times and then kicked Chrome in the jaw we found her a new home and finally brought Zep home.  I was making good progress taming him down and then we got the lease land and being on thirty acres reverted him back to being wild.  We recently moved to a new home where it should be a lot easier to work with Zep, so the plan is to get him tamed down and.... eventually teach him to pull a cart hehe!