Sunday, May 19, 2019

Ride 158 - Happy 10th Birthday Chrome!!!!

Today is Chrome's tenth birthday!!  I just can't believe he's ten already.  How has the time flown by so quickly??  We were lucky to have a pretty day to get photos.  It's been raining constantly all spring, so it was a surprise.  I started out by giving him a bath.

He was nasty!  I forgot to get blue shampoo, so I couldn't get all the stains out, but it was much better than before. 

"Save me!" his eyes are saying.

After the bath we took a ton of pictures, then we had our ride.  I'm going to cover the ride first and put the rest of the photos at the bottom because there are a TON and they might not all load for anyone who has slow internet.  The ride was thirty minutes and was just on the property and the road in front of our property.  We did quite a bit of cantering.  He was being lazy so I got a crop and he tried bucking once, but it wasn't bad.  I used it very lightly after that and he did really well so I praised him and then stopped and did some desensitizing.  It all went well, considering how little work we've been doing.

No clue why the angle is so low, but Chrome's expression is cute!! 

 His tail looks SO much better.

 He was being so lazy.

The weather was perfect.  Look at the blue sky and green grass!

Okay next up are my favorite pictures, then below that is the rest of us posing together, so you can skip them if they don't load or are boring.  I just wanted them to remember the day by.

I about died laughing when he did this!!!! Bored much Chrome??

Yep, he's a pro at posing, but eventually he gets bored.

He still has a decent neck when he gets his head out of the clouds.

Almost white tail and dapples!

Still his favorite trick.  Love his smile!!

Doesn't he look sexy when he's not obese??  I just need to get muscle on him.

Below are the rest of the pictures that shouldn't require captions.

Equestrian Bucket List Item 38 - Complete!

I was able to do something I've wanted to do my whole life!  I rode in a parade!  It wasn't a huge one.  There were probably around twenty horses and it only covered three or four blocks, but it was still so amazing.  Rocky was an absolute rock star (no surprise, he's done this before).  I had SO much fun!  We got to throw candy to all of the kids and I think we even made it on the news, but I didn't see it because it was in a different town from the one I live in.  I wish I could have ridden Chrome, but I think he's just too inexperienced with other horses to do something like that.  I will someday though.  I wasn't able to get many pictures because I was throwing candy and waving, but that's okay because I was able to be in the moment and enjoy myself.

 Waiting for the parade to start.  Rocky was bored, but stood still very well.

 I blurred everyone out for privacy. Lining up for the parade.

This photo was taken on my cell phone from Rocky's back.  That's how close the fire trucks were.  They were blaring their horns and sirens the whole time!  I was so proud of how well Rocky did!!  That was an experience I won't soon forget.