About Chrome


Registered Name: Beebee's Chrome Chevalier TTT (FSHR)
Nicknames: Chromey Baloney, Chromelin, Chromeish, Chrominator and TestosteChrome
Sire: Hertog Jan v.d. Paddensteeg (FPS/FSHR/AFA)
Dam: Beebee (Arabian)
Breed: Friesian/Arabian
DOB: May 19, 2009
Height: 15.2hh
Weight: 1086lbs
Color: Dark Bay, going Gray
Likes: Eating, Nicker Makers, sugar, being brushed, playing (with anything he can get his teeth on), grazing and getting dirty.
Dislikes: Being ignored and/or bored, being in a stall and standing still for long periods of time (unless he's being brushed).

If you're not a very avid reader but would still like to follow Chrome's progress be sure to check out his Monthly Progress Reports on the nineteenth of every month. Also if you're interested check the end of this post for a short list of his growth rate.  :)

 How I Got Chrome

I've been in love with the Friesian breed for over ten years now.  My dream come true would be the opportunity to have a purebred Friesian gelding, but financially that's just not possible for me.  I'm almost afraid to own such a valuable horse because I would be constantly afraid of something happening to him.  Putting aside my concerns the Friesian Fever is not that easy to ignore.  After having been horseless for two years (first time in my life without one) I decided I couldn't take it anymore.  I was miserable without a horse.

So I started researching Friesian crosses in my area (there are not many) and I finally found someone in my state.  She had two Friesian crosses for sale.  A black Friesian/Missouri Foxtrotter colt and a bay Friesian/Arabian colt (Chrome).  I wanted the black colt (favorite color), but he was promised to the stallion's owner, so we started talking about the other one (Chrome).  I love Arabians too, so I wasn't put off by that.  I think the two things that put me off Chrome at first were the fact that he would turn gray (always said I would never own one) and also that his dam was only 14.3hh tall (I'm 5'10").  I figured color isn't that important and since his sire is 16.2hh that size shouldn't be an issue.  Smaller horses are easier and cheaper to care for anyway.  ;)

 His sale photo.

After seeing pictures and video I decided to visit.  I loved his personality in the videos.  When I got there I was a little put off by his indifferent attitude, but I think it's because he was just weaned.  He was very well mannered, calm, gentle, well trained for a baby.  I knew when I saw him that he would be going home with me.  Heck I was in love with him before I ever met him.  :D  I'm so happy I ended up with him over the other colt.  He has so much more personality and brains I think, but I am totally biased.

So I brought my first ever Friesian cross Chrome home on October 19 2009, the day he turned five months old.  Although my family had raised one filly when I was a kid I really didn't have any experience with weanlings.  Chrome taught me a LOT and I'm sure he still has a lot to teach me.  :)  So that's how my modified, realistic dream came true and I couldn't be happier.  I started the blog before I even brought him home so you can go back through the archives to read about our adventures and feel free to follow along as we grow and learn together.

 Chrome's Sire

Hertog Jan v.d. Paddensteeg
(Brandus X Natasja E.)
2002 Friesian Stallion
FPS, FSHR, AFA Registered

1st Premium Keuring
USDF Reserve Regional Champion

Jan (pronounced "yawn") is a 2002 Imported Friesian stallion. He's 16.2 hands (a hand equals four inches) tall and was 1st premium at his keuring and was the 2007 USDF Reserve Regional Champion. He lives at 413 Ranch in Shady Point, Oklahoma. Jan's sire is Brandus 345, a gorgeous Friesian stallion standing 15.3 hands tall and born on May 13 1995. Brandus was World Champion Friesian in 1997 and 1998. He was also Reserve World Champion Friesian of 1999 and 2003.


Chrome's Dam

Beebee is a beautiful flea-bitten gray Arabian mare standing 14.3hh tall.  I only met her once, but she left an impression with me. She has a personable nature and from what I've heard is a fantastic trail horse.  And of course she is totally gorgeous!


Chrome's Growth

10-19-09 - 5 Months - 12.2hh
11-19-09 - 6 Months - 12.3hh - Height Gain:  ½ inch
12-19-09 - 7 Months - 12.3½hh - Height Gain:  ½ inch
1-19-10 - 8 Months - 13¼hh - Height Gain:  ¾ inch
2-19-10 - 9 Months - 13.1½hh - Height Gain:  1¼ inch
3-19-10 - 10 Months - 13.2½hh - Height Gain:  1 inch
4-19-10 - 11 Months - 13.3hh - Height Gain:  ½ inch
5-19-10 - 1 Year - 13.3½hh - Height Gain:  7/16th of an inch

Total growth from five months to one year:  5.5 Inches

6-19-10 - 1 Year 1 Month - 14hh - Height Gain:  ½ inch
7-19-10 - 1 Year 2 Months - 14¾hh - Height Gain: ¾ inch
8-19-10 - 1 Year 3 Months - 14.1½hh - Height Gain: ¾ inch
9-19-10 - 1 Year 4 Months - 14.2hh - Height Gain: ½ inch
10-19-10 - 1 Year 5 Months - 14.3hh - Height Gain: 1 inch
11-19-10 - 1 Year 6 Months - 14.3hh - Height Gain: Approx. 3/8 of an inch
12-19-10 - 1 Year 7 Months - 14.3½hh - Height Gain: ½ inch
1-19-11 - 1 Year 8 Months - 14.3¾hh - Height Gain: ¼ inch
2-19-11 - 1 Year 9 Months - 15¼hh - Height Gain: ½ inch
3-19-11 - 1 Year 10 Months - 15¼hh - Height Gain: None
4-19-11 - 1 Year 11 Months - 15¾hh - Height Gain: ½ inch
5-19-11 - 2 Years - 15.1hh - Height Gain: ¼ inch

Total growth from one year to two years:  5.5 Inches

6-19-11 - 2 Years 1 Month - 15.1hh - Height Gain: None
7-19-11 - 2 Years 2 Months - 15.1hh - Height Gain: None
8-19-11 - 2 Years 3 Months - 15.1hh - Height Gain: None
9-19-11 - 2 Years 4 Months - 15.1hh - Height Gain: None
10-19-11 - 2 Years 5 Months - 15.1hh - Height Gain: None
11-19-11 - 2 Years 6 Months - 15.1½hh - Height Gain: ½ inch
12-19-11 - 2 Years 7 Months - 15.1½hh - Height Gain: None
1-19-12 - 2 Years 8 Months - 15.1½hh - Height Gain: None
2-19-12 - 2 Years 9 Months - 15.1½hh - Height Gain: None
3-19-12 - 2 Years 10 Months - 15.1½hh - Height Gain: None
4-19-12 - 2 Years 11 Months - 15.1¾hh - Height Gain: ¼ inch
5-19-12 - 3 Years - 15.1¾hh - Height Gain: ¼ inch

Total growth from two years to three years:  ¾ Inch

6-19-12 - 3 Years 1 Month - 15.2hh - Height Gain: ¼ inch
7-19-12 - 3 Years 2 Months - 15.2hh - Height Gain: None
8-19-12 - 3 Years 3 Months - 15.2hh - Height Gain: None

9-19-12 - 3 Years 4 Months - 15.2hh - Height Gain: None
10-19-12 - 3 Years 5 Months - 15.2hh - Height Gain: None
11-19-12 - 3 Years 6 Months - 15.2hh - Height Gain: None
12-19-12 - 3 Years 7 Months - 15.2hh - Height Gain: None
1-19-13 - 3 Years 8 Months - 15.2hh - Height Gain: None
2-19-13 - 3 Years 9 Months - 15.2hh - Height Gain: None
3-19-13 - 3 Years 10 Months - 15.2hh - Height Gain: None
4-19-13 - 3 Years 11 Months - 15.2hh - Height Gain: None
5-19-13 - 4 Years 0 Months - 15.2hh - Height Gain: None

Total growth from three years to four years:  ¼ inch  

As of January 2015 he's still 15.2hh so it's a little redundant to continue measuring.  

Chrome's Growth In Pictures
Four Months

Ten Months

One Year, Five Months

 One Year, Nine Months

Two Years, Four Months
(he's facing downhill) 

Two Years, Eleven Months

 Three Years, Three Months

 Three Years, Five Months

 Three Years, Nine Months

Three Years, Eleven Months

Four Years, Five Months

Four Years, Six Months

Four Years, Eight Months

Four Years, Ten Months

 Four Years, Eleven Months

Five Years, One Month

Five Years, Six Months

Five Years, Seven Months
Five Years, Nine Months

Five Years, Eleven Months 

Six Years, Three Months

 Six Years, Five Months
Chrome's Training Under Saddle

I've done all of Chrome's training so far.  I started riding him when he turned three years old (5-19-12), but only rode him lightly the first two years to allow him to continue growing.  In the fall of his five year old year I started increasing how often, how long and how far I ride him.  You can click the First 30 Rides tag to see his first thirty rides.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from his rides so far.  I'll add more as I have time.

First Ride

Ride 4

 Ride 10

 Ride 11

Ride 12

 Ride 14

 Ride 25

 Ride 31

Ride 38

Ride 39

Ride 51

Ride 53

Ride 56

Ride 66

Ride 73

Ride 77

Ride 84

Ride 87

Ride 93

Ride 94

Ride 95

Ride 97

Ride 103

Ride 106 

Ride 107 

Crowhopping comes back when stifles are weak and I forgot my helmet!

 Ride 113

Ride 114
Our Future Together

 My future plans for Chrome are obviously subject to change (people are allowed to change their minds or change interests hehe), but the number one, most important plan is to be best friends with him.  To grow and learn together.  To develop our bond and our trust with one another.  The second most important is to always give him the best and care for him to the best of my abilities.  That means I'll continue to learn as much as I can about hooves and diets and clicker training.

Now, for the fun activities I plan for us to learn and enjoy together.  Dressage.  I want to teach Chrome lower level dressage so he learns how to use his body correctlyI would also like to conquer my stage fright and actually compete at a low level schooling show.

Bridleless.  I want to teach Chrome to work in a cordeo and/or bridleless.  This will take time, trust and communication.  

Driving.  I've always wanted to learn to drive a horse (heck even just to ride in a horse drawn wagon) and I want to teach Chrome to drive.  It's a great form of exercise and it's fun!  

Competitive Trail Riding.  I love to go on long trail rides.  I grew up trail riding.  It's so relaxing and fun!  What would make it even more fun is competitive trail riding!  It's like endurance riding crossed with trail classes.  Basically it's a long trail ride with obstacles, judges and competitors.  :)  I think Chrome will be great at this!  

Ride on the beach!  I've always, always wanted to ride a horse on the beach and it would be totally amazing if it was Chrome I got to ride.  :D

SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms - http://www.sca.org/).  I want to teach Chrome how to participate in the SCA which usually includes things such as rings, heads, reeds, quintain, javelin throwing, mounted archery, etc.  For more information on taking your horse to an SCA event check out this website I found - http://madrone.equestrianguild.org/Articles/Bring%20horse%20to%20event.htm

 I think that covers about all the fun things I want to try with him someday!  Wish us luck!  And follow along on our journey as we grow and learn together.  :D

P.S.  I just figured out how to add comments to this page so let me know if there is anything else you'd like me to add on Chrome's page.  :)

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