Friday, October 17, 2014

Ride 66 + Two Point Critique Please!

Okay the weather was waaaaaaay too nice not to ride again, but I took it easy since Chrome isn't used to working two days in a row and his stifles seemed tired (but not painful thank goodness).  I think the ride ended up around forty minutes again, but most of it was standing around (salt block and pictures) and walking.  I trotted maybe twice is all.  I did get some pictures of my two point for you guys to critique though!  I'm so sorry these are all cell phone pictures.

I'm thinking my stirrups are still too long, but sheesh they feel so short when I'm sitting in the saddle.  There is a picture at the bottom of the post where I'm sitting so you can see how much bend there is.  In these two pictures above my legs and stomach are not touching the horn or poly.  It looks like it is, but that's just my shirt hanging down.  After taking pictures I realized my leg was way too far back so I fixed it and he took a couple more (the ones above), but I still don't know if they are right.  Also I did not realized I was swaying my back so bad!  Maybe that's why it hurts?  So any pointers are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!!!  Oh sorry about the sneakers and white socks lol.  My paddock boots are way to small and uncomfortable to get my heel down so I just used my sneakers.  :)

Now here are some more random photos from the ride.  Enjoy!

 So handsome!

 Shiny in the evening sun.  This was before the ride.

 I see dapples!

 Goofing off like I'm going to win the Derby and there he is with one foot cocked LOL! 

I love this horse! This is the one that shows how bent my leg is.  
Sorry it's so dark.  Enlarging it might make it easier to see.

Thanks in advance for any help!  Remember I've only ever had dressage lessons.  I've never ridden in two point before this and I'm not used to my stirrups being that short!  :)  I'm having fun though!


  1. You actually look pretty good. You want a soft bend in your lower back and the butt pop just like in your photos. Nice work! However, your stirrups are too long and you need to bring your shoulders back. Think, shoulder blades touching. You are doing great.

  2. aww you two look good! he's such a handsome guy :) re: position, i think you're on the right track. there seems to be tension in your shoulders - maybe try relaxing them and bring them down and back. this will also help open up your chest

  3. Thanks guys!! After looking at the photos I noticed the tension in my shoulders too. I was concentrating so hard on my balance and leg that I forgot to even think about my upper body! Eek so much to think about. :D I definitely need to get rid of the tension in my shoulders. I think part of it was because I was holding the reins too long with no contact, but not sure. I've always been really bad about rounding my shoulders so I'll work on dropping them and squeezing my shoulder blades together. Thanks for the reminder (my trainer had to gripe at me constantly about my shoulders lol)!!

    Renee how much shorter do I need to go on the stirrups? It feels sooooo short!! I've always ridden bareback, western and dressage so short stirrups are totally weird to me.

    Thanks again!!

  4. For the saddle being non traditional and the stirrups on the long side you seem pretty aligned. The tension from where i look seems to be in the trap (the big muscle base of the neck) its usually the #1 shoulder tension muscle. if you can relax and release that you should be good.

  5. Nice! Position isn't bad at all. Congrats on the increased saddle time


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