Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ride 69 - Video!

 Another great ride!!!!  I'm so excited!  Hubby went along on his bike and got this short video.  You have to check it out...

Chrome is such a rock star.  He wasn't even looking at the dozer.  He was looking for horses that he knows are in the pasture in the distance.  When he is gawking he can not trot a straight line!  It's hilarious.  My leg is swinging and he's looking around, but what I love about this video is that I'm trotting my horse in an open and unfamiliar pasture and laughing!!!  I wasn't scared!  Even when I had to pull him head around to stop him at the end because he wanted to keep going (to those other horses), I wasn't scared.  That is so huge to me!  He wasn't scared either.  If you can't watch videos look at this screenshot.

There are some horses that would have at least been concerned about this thing, but it didn't bother him at all.  He didn't even look at it (he's staring at horses in this screenshot)!

The ride was only two miles, but I think we trotted half of it!  I've never trotted him such a long distance before on a road ride, but he was just ready to go today!  I don't think I've ever felt him so forward and eager on the road before.  I hope that means he's starting to feel more confident.  The only time he spooked is when my husband lost his balance and swerved his bike sharply at Chrome.  Chrome jerked away like he thought the bike would hit him, but luckily hubby caught himself and we kept going.  :)  Nothing else scared him.  He was alert and gawking at horses (they are everywhere!), but he was never hard to handle.  I'm so glad he's finally figuring out this horse thing.  Oh he did try to neigh once but he stopped himself.  I don't think he knows he can neigh with a bit LOL!!!  The best part is after we trot I can ask him to walk, drop the reins completely and he's perfectly calm!

When we got back he did this.

It was getting dark so hubby used flash.  Chrome was so in the zone that he never even noticed.  That horse loves his salt!  I left him at the salt block and went to my parent's house to tell them about my ride.  When I came out he was grazing and he happily followed me to the pasture for his supper.  Such a good boy!


  1. good for you two. I love how forward his trot looks

  2. what a good boy! glad you had so much fun :)

  3. Friesian action is in that trot for sure! =)


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