Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ride 64 + Successful Herd Integration + VC Giveaway + Two Point Baseline

Wow the weather is really nice right now!  I rode Chrome for almost forty minutes.  I did my two point baseline (for the 2pointober challenge LINK), which is a measly 2 minutes and 6 seconds... I knew my balance would be an issue since I've never ridden in two point and I'm trying to do it in an Aussie saddle, but I didn't realize how quickly my ankles and calves would seize up too!  My calves have been cramping at night so I'm wondering if I'm dehydrated.  Do you guys know any other cause for night time cramping?  Also my baseline was done while Chrome stood still... walking is a whole other ball game balance wise.  How do you jumpers do it??  After getting the baseline I practiced walking and trotting around while holding on to his mane for balance.  I figure I'll spend the week working on it while holding on and then next weekend try without holding on to see how long I can do it.  I can definitely tell my core and legs are weak!  After working on that I cantered Chrome again up the driveway.  I actually did it three times.  The first time he started crowhopping.  The other two times he picked it up normally but only held it for a couple of strides.  I tried in the pasture and he wouldn't canter at all!!  So the exercises I was doing for his stifles were definitely helping.  I have to get back to the pole work, backing him up, hill work, etc.  I guess it's time for us both to get back into shape.

I wasn't going to share a picture with me in it because I look awful in my too short sweat pants and wrinkled, baggy shirt, but I had to share this.  When I dismounted my legs were all wobbly so I just sat down on the ground.  Chrome just stood there looking at me for a long time and then walked over and shoved his face in my hands.  So cute!

Guarding the persimmon tree listening for ripe fruit to fall.  
I shook the tree to drop the fruit, picked up and disposed of several pounds worth last night.

While we were gathering persimmons that had fallen and throwing them over the fence the goats were out exploring.  When I saw them approaching Chrome and Zep I started taking pictures (and stopped breathing I think)...

 Zep was curious, but friendly.

Zep herded them for several feet and then stopped to graze.  That's when Chrome spotted them!

He herded them a few feet and then also stopped to graze.  :D

And everyone went back to minding their own business!  Yay!

Sorry for the crappy pictures.  It was the worst time of day for taking them lol.  Also L. over at Viva Carlos is hosting a giveaway!  Be sure to check it out!!  LINK


  1. it's nice to see the herd getting along! the goats are very very cute. I love that last picture.

  2. Its all about improvement so don't worry about the baseline :)

  3. Love the picture!! If you think your barn outfit/riding outfit is rough, you should see some of mine! Haha.

  4. The lower the baseline, the more room for improvement! :D And 2-point with the horse just standing is super hard! Kudos to you! I can do it at trot and canter but not anything slower.

    Yay for the successful herd integration of the goats! And OMG Chrome suddenly grew up. He's always been gorgeous but he's looking positively spectacular these days!

  5. Love the photos, Chrome is after getting to light grey!


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