Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tarp Fun

 I was worried about Chrome's stifles after our three and a half mile ride yesterday (even though we only walked, we did walk up some decent slopes), so I went out to check on him this morning.  I didn't see him anywhere so I whistled for him.  He let out a huge neigh and then came galloping full speed toward me.  When he spotted me hiding behind the tree he slowed to a big, floating trot.  Not sore at all!!  Good boy!  He still got today off though.  I figured I'd share some pictures from the other day (the day we rode with the neighbor girl).

We had some tarps out while Chrome was grazing in the yard so of course I had to put it on his back.  He skittered away from me at first because of the sound of it running across the grass.  I just followed him deliberately at a walk, dragging the tarp with me.  At one point he trotted away.  Then he decided it was too much work being a dork and stood still while I put it over his back.  :)

At first it was folded, then I straightened it with both sides hanging down equally.

He startled himself once, but then was totally fine...

Even when I did this lol.  He was better with it all spread out because he recognized it as a tarp.  I had never put one on him folded up so I don't think he knew for sure what it was at first.  It was a good desensitization all done without a halter or lead rope.  :)

P.S.  Today the goats wouldn't come within sixty feet of Chrome while he ate hehe.  The brown goat is walking fine today too so that's a relief!


  1. Chrome is looking very handsome.

  2. ha! those are cute photos. He doesn't seem stressed in the least!

  3. I've been working on Baron and his spookiness. It isn't bad, but he has had some silly moments!

    Monty and Harlow

  4. Wonder if you could incorporate that into a Halloween costume. Shoot! Wit Chrome, you could probably do anything to him and put anything on him and he'd act like there was nothing out of the ordinary. LOL


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