Sunday, October 19, 2014

Five Year Anniversary + First Ever Giveaway

Five years ago today I brought home my dream horse Chrome!  I can't believe how quickly it's gone by.  To celebrate the occasion I have decided to host my very first giveaway.  Yay!!!  There will be two winners and here are the prizes...

The coolest front license plates I've ever seen!!!!  These were the only two left.  I was hoping there would be a dressage one too (and jumper and hunter and driving and and and... lol).  If you don't want a license plate you can always use these for signs in your barn too.  They are weatherproof plastic.  

To enter please share this post on your blog (sorry no bonus entries for Facebook or anything) and then comment with a link to your post and also tell me which one you want because I'm drawing separately!  You have to choose one.  It wouldn't be fair to put someone's name in for both.  You can gain a second entry by commenting with a link to your favorite post on my blog and a short reason why it was your favorite (I'm feeling nostalgic!).  I will draw for the winner in seven to ten days.  Good luck!  

I will be doing a second post with a bunch of old pictures recapping our five years together so be sure to check that out.  I don't want this one to have too many pictures in case it bogs your computers down!


  1. very nice! Congratulations! I would like the eventing one please.

  2. Oooo - I love them! Eventing? I may be getting back into it. ;)

  3. Oh you know that I would LOVE to have the eventing plate :) Have you seen my latest post, Mia's show is this weekend!!

  4. Congratulations on your horsieversary! I would love the eventing plate.

    My favorite post is:
    Just so darn cute! Wish I had foal photos of my horse.

    And the link on my blog is at:

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Chrome. I suggest Carrot Cake to celebrate. :)


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