Friday, October 31, 2014

Ride 73 - Another Awesome Ride (video!)!

I had another great ride on Chrome!!  We went down a dead end road where he's never been before and he did great.  There isn't much to say so I'll let the pictures and videos say it for me.  :D  The ride was an hour and a half... well that's how much time I was in the saddle.  I walked the last half mile home because I was about to freeze to death and had to warm up.  I forgot to look at the clock when I got home, but we were booking it, so it wasn't much longer.  The distance we covered was 4.75 miles.  :D

 Hubby came along on the bike.

 Gawking at the neighbor horses.

 Gawking at the cows.
This is why we can't walk a straight line LOL!

 Hubby took the rest of these from his bicycle, including the videos!  I call the one above his artistic shot hehe.

 We've been on this part of the road only once!


We've never been on this road and he's never seen those horses before..... and he's on the buckle!!!!!


 Standing on the buckle in the middle of the road by horses he's never seen before and he did not budge!  Check out the video below for proof.  :D

Even when the horse trotted after him he didn't move!  I love this horse!

Here is the video.  It shows an adorable foal and the little pony that I have a picture of him sniffing noses with on our July fourth ride (you will also see how he likes to just stop randomly, but he was quick to walk on this time yay).  It also shows him standing on the buckle without budging (taken right after the last photos above).  It's not very long so I hope you can watch it!  Sorry it's shaky.  Hubby took it while riding the bike.  :)

I know I didn't write much, but it's because he was so good!  It was freezing cold and windy and he was perfect!  I love that I can jump on this horse no matter the day or weather or temperature and he's always the same, reliable horse.  :D  Oh I almost forgot to mention on the way home when going by the pasture with the mules and the foal and pony we trotted!  At one point we were trotting and hubby was riding his bike next to us so close we could have held hands.  It was the coolest thing ever!  I wish I had a video of it.  Chrome is not bothered by the bike at all!  We trotted over half a mile all combined (in the grass, not on asphalt).  Another great ride!  I'm so happy we have finally conquered our fear and we're able to get out and enjoy ourselves.  I'm also so very grateful for hubby for coming along and taking pictures.  :D

P.S.  I forgot to mention when we were about a mile from home he balked after passing the last of the neighbor horses (that he's seen a million times).  He did not want to go, so I popped him on the neck with my reins and he jumped in the air he was so startled.  He did not balk again, so I'm hoping I got my point across and he will stop doing that.  I'm still going to try the clicker training, but it was way too cold to hold a clicker for this ride.  :/  That's my only complaint though.  He was perfect for everything else!

P.P.S.  I also forgot to say we got in 18.49 miles on the road this month!  That doesn't include how far we went on rides in the yard since I have no way of tracking that.  I'm so proud of him!  I hope we can keep up the progress during Coldvember as they are calling next month!


  1. The pony and foal look like they are following him saying, "Are you my mama?"

    I'm glad he's become such a reliable horse so quickly for you. That's amazing that he's handling the bicycle, traffic, cows, horses running after him, etc. so well.

  2. Yay Chrome! What a legend, photos are fab. You guys are doing great. Good luck for Coldvember, we've been forecast a cold winter too. Boo - i loved the mild winter & fab summer we had just gone. I was hoping that this was becoming the norm...Sadly it appears not :(
    The colours of the leaves in those photos are stunning!

  3. Omg, I want to steal that mini--too cute! Chrome looks like he is really becoming a great trail horse, and I'm sure you guys will have lots of great adventures together in the future.
    Oh, and I don't know it you read the Rockley Farm blog, but trotting on asphalt is actually *good* for bare feet, so long as you don't do too much in the beginning. But if you gradually work your way up, it will really help him self-trim and beef up the digital cushion and lateral cartilages that support the back of the hoof.

  4. I'm so happy for you! These last few posts have had me smiling the entire time while reading. It's so awesome that you've found friends to ride out with and that Chrome does so well regardless of what's going on around him and who he's being ridden with. And that hubby will ride on the bike with you and take pics! :) You've done a wonderful job with Chrome and I don't doubt for one second that you'll be able to dabble in any sport you want with him!

  5. Thank you guys!! I get to see the foal and pony everyday on my way to work! I love it!

    Aoife, I think we are going to freeze this winter!! I was really hoping it would be mild too. Sigh!

    Frizzle, I've read that blog some but I have to do it in short bursts or my brain becomes overwhelmed lol. I knew walking on asphalt is good, but no I didn't know about the trotting! Good to know! I'll slowly build him up to it. You've been following my blog long enough to know how slow I take things. I know he's five and a half and I'm only now really trail riding but it finally just felt right if that makes sense. :-D Because of his stifles I'm definitely taking his fitness development slow too. The fact he's up to almost five miles with no soreness has me ecstatic!

  6. You guys look so great together!

    Monty and Harlow

  7. Such a good boy and sooo handsome! Really good job you've done wit him. :D

  8. omg that video is so cute! Chrome is such a good boy - looks like you two are having a blast! :)

  9. Great photos!!

    I'm glad to hear that the riding is going well -- you two look good together! :)


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