Monday, October 20, 2014

The burning question has been answered!!! - Ride 67

 I have been wondering how Chrome would react to riding with another unfamiliar horse ever since I first rode him two years ago...

The answer to that question is that HE WAS FREAKING FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will admit I was a little nervous (terrified) about how he would react because he gets soooo excited when he sees horses out on the road.  When I saw that someone was leasing the acreage across the street from us I immediately went over to talk to her.  I found out that we know a lot of the same people and that she barrel races.  She's a lot younger than I am but we seemed to hit it off really well.  She has three horses.  The dun mare above is an Appendix, she has another tall chestnut Appendix gelding and a brown/dark bay AQHA mare.  She has other horses, but those are the three on the lease land across the street.  I asked her if she would be willing to ride with me and my very green horse and she was all game, so after scheduling difficulties all weekend she was finally able to come over this weekend.  She rode her mare over to my house so that we could test Chrome's reaction at home in the safety of a fenced yard.

When they came walking up the driveway his head shot up in the air and he refused to move an inch.  When I finally convinced him to walk he start jigging.  I scolded him and told him to walk so he did, but he was still straining at the reins, wanting to go faster.  He walked up to her, arching his neck and acting all nutso like when on the road.  She's so used to the rodeo that she didn't bat an eye!  Gotta love an all around, been there done that horse.  After they sniffed noses I had her walk down the driveway while he followed.  He was being pushy so I put the rope halter on over his bridle.  I was going to walk him for a few minutes but hubby told me to quit being a chicken and get on.  I got on and hubby led us, following the mare, for one loop up the driveway.  Then we were on our own!  HE WAS AWESOME!!!!!  He stayed at a walk, he steered, he stopped and as you can see in the above picture he stood still for around ten minutes while we talked.  Trying to paw and leaning over to sniff her were the only signs that he was "up".  He never moved an inch (well with three legs anyway lol).  She gave him evil eyes a couple of times, but mostly just stood there and let him gawk.  :)

Anyway here are the pictures.  Sorry for the dark circle.  I don't have permission to post photos of her.


She rides everyday and her horses are literally across the street so I'm really hoping that we can become regular riding buddies.  :D  I'm so excited!!!!!!!!  I'm also so proud of Chrome.  He exceeded my expectations and put my fears to rest.  I love this horse!

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  1. Yippe! What a great experience for you both.

  2. Woohoo! Another first to add to your list ☺

  3. Of course he was good - you raised him to be.

    Happy for you!

  4. Wonderful! You have someone to ride with and Chrome behaved like a superstar!

  5. yay - Chrome is growing up :) and glad you found a riding buddy!

  6. Aw yay! riding buddies are awesome. (I also really really really love her dun. Holy gorgeous, Batman)

  7. Thank you guys! I'm ecstatic!!

    Yes Kalin her dun mare is gorgeous!!!! She said she'll get much darker this winter too so I'm looking forward to seeing that and I hope she'll let me take some pictures of her. So pretty!

  8. Yay! How awesome!! Didn't need to worry but I don't blame you for it :-)


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