Saturday, October 18, 2014

Goat Update

Thursday after I rode I put Chrome in the pasture and fed him.  The goats heard the feed when I poured it in his bucket and came running over.  They went right under Chrome's feet trying to get to his bucket.  Chrome started kicking out at them repeatedly!!!  I was shocked!  I've never seen him kick at anything with the intent to kill (I've seen him playfully kick Zep).  It was really weird though because he kicked out behind him three times with his right hind, but at the same time he was bouncing on his left hind.  So his whole butt was going up kind of like bucking, but not.  He also wasn't kicking out behind him with his left hind.  It was almost like he was striking forward, aiming for across under his belly where the goat was.  I wish I'd gotten it on video because it was really weird.  Luckily he didn't land any blows, but the goat got the point and steered clear.  In fact they haven't run straight up to his bucket since then (well maybe once or twice, but they don't hang around long). They are not stupid goats!

Since I don't have a video of that here is a random one from yesterday when I fed Chrome.  I was hoping to catch some action on video, but pinned ears is all it took to run the goats off that time.  Zep is in the video too so be sure to watch until the end.  It's really short.

If you can't see embedded videos go here.

For those of you who can't watch videos (or don't like to) here is a picture of Zep.

Since I've been hand feeding him persimmons suddenly we are best friends again hehe.  Make sure to check back tomorrow night because there is an exciting post in the works!!  It's something I've never done before!

P.S.  I'm still stumped on goat names.  Nothing is coming to me.... we need to come up with something though because hubby is calling them tweedledee and tweedledum!


  1. Really enjoyed the video! Zep is so cute! So with goat names...I say pick a theme. You have Zep, so what about naming the goats for other members in the band? Like Jimmy (for Jimmy Paige) and Robert (for Robert Plant). Just an idea. :)

  2. Chrome is Joey from friends "Joey doesn't share food!"

  3. chrome is just making sure that they know not to touch his feed.

    I also like Thing 1 and Thing 2. :)

  4. I second going on a theme name for the goats!

  5. aww zep is so cute! hopefully the goats and chrome figure each other out soon!


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