Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ride 31 - My friend took pictures. :D

One of my friends came over and took pictures of me riding Chrome.  :D  We didn't really work on anything other than standing around and posing for about 25 minutes.  I did some trotting too because I wanted videos (which she hasn't sent to me yet), but I did get to see them.  When I first asked him to trot he leaped forward into a trot and dropped his head.  I said "Eh eh eh!" because I thought he was crowhopping or misbehaving, but after watching the video I realized he wasn't misbehaving and was just trotting really big!  I wish I hadn't scolded him!  This is why I can't wait to start taking lessons lol.  I need eyes on the ground.

Also I wanted to mention that if reading about every single ride is boring you really don't have to read them lol.  I just want to post them for my records.  :D  Here are the rest of the pictures.

A favorite past time, chewing on my shoes!

He still looks immature in this one.  The angle makes his haunches look tiny! 

 One of us walking.  I like this one even though he looks butt high.  :)

This is the wisteria I mentioned in my last post.  The trellis is made out of half a trampoline frame. 

 Posing by the pretty flowers.

This is the log we trotted over the other day.  We walk over it as much as possible because it makes him pick up his feet.

And my favorite of the bunch.  Isn't he so handsome?!


  1. What a handsome boy :) And I like reading about his progress.

  2. That's what happened to me when Cole would leap forward at the trot. I thought something was wrong, but it was something right. I began to click him for those first few big steps, and now we can trot around like that until I can't take it anymore. I hope Chrome develops the same awesome trot as Cole. It sounds like he has the potential.


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