Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ride 28

I talked to my mom about Chrome and she thinks I need to exercise him everyday instead of giving him days off, but not necessarily riding him everyday because sitting around for a whole day is causing the stifle to get worse.  So yesterday I hand walked him around the property for thirty minutes, up and down the dirt pile, over all the fallen limbs/trees in the pasture, up and down the driveway, etc.  Mom was right!  After the walk he was moving MUCH better!  :)  So I'm going to keep riding every other day and hand walk him on the other days.

Today was ride day.  It was hot (well hotter than I'm used to after winter lol) and I haven't been sleeping because of my allergies, so I was feeling really lazy.  In fact I didn't want to ride at all.  So I rode bareback around the yard and I'm glad I did because we had fun.  He was being awesome... well he was still balky at times when walking through the grass (he walks out great on the driveway, it's just because he wants to graze, but he still doesn't try to dive into the bridle, so it's okay), but we worked through that.

We walked around for ten minutes and then did some trotting.  He trotted the length of both driveways (my grandparent's driveway branches off of ours) and did so well!  He LOVES trotting!  The great thing is he happily comes back down to a calm walk when asked.  And he was doing whoa perfectly!!  And standing patiently for fairly long periods of time (I was chatting with my mom and being lazy lol).

We also worked on backing a little and yielding his hindquarters, but I didn't want to do too much because his stifle is still locking.  The ride was twenty five minutes long.

My farrier finally came out and trimmed him.  She took off a good three quarters of an inch of hoof!!!!  I can't believe how quickly his hooves are growing.  I asked her several times to come early and she wouldn't so I guess I'm going to have to start trimming him myself between trims.  I don't mind doing it, but I just have to be very careful with my back.  I'll post hoof pictures when I can.  I didn't take before pictures of all of his hooves (just left front) because.... once again I was being lazy.  Sleep deprivation sucks lol.

Anyway I have big news soon.... I'll post when I can.  :)


  1. Are you expecting too? Lots of L/O's being born around the blogger-sphere! ;)

  2. Sounds like you guys are doing awesome. I know a horse that had the same stifle issues, and the owner only exercised him sporadically. Once he got on a regular program, he was fine. I'm sure it will help Chrome.

  3. I don't know much about locking stifle, but I do know a lot about stringhalt.
    Not even the same thing, I know, but I am just wondering something.

    One of the things I do with Danny as part of his exercise routine is back up. Lots and lots and lots of backing up. We back up hill and down hill and especially in circles as he struggles with one side more than the other. It really does a lot for building the muscles and strengthening the tendons back there.

    I learned this information from a gal named Shannon at She treats and rehabs many horses with different issues. I would suspect that she may have some good info on good exercises for a locking stifle. If you go to her website she has several case studies listed there.

  4. Oh yikes no, Stephanie, definitely not pregnant lol. :)

    Judi, that's good to hear!

    Cindy, I will definitely check out that website. Sounds like just the thing I need to read. :)

  5. Regular work is best, you need to build his muscle and then keep it in regular work. I am glad he is doing so well while being ridden. Am looking forward to your big news!


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