Monday, May 13, 2013

Ride 27

Sorry no pictures.  I cleaned out my feed/tack shed this morning and the dust got my allergies so stirred up that I took a Benadryl and then slept all day... :(  So when I went out to ride Chrome it was past time for them to have their supper and he was being so barn sour.  I rode bareback out in the pasture for twenty five minutes.  He was being balky headed away from the barn and walking fast going toward it.  So annoying!!!!!

I finally got a small limb to use as a whip and then didn't even have to use it lol.  I walked him around through the trees, up and down the dirt pile hill and over all of the fallen limbs and trees in the pasture.  I trotted him around in the back of the pasture too.  He's slowly learning how to trot while turning in a half circle, but I was having trouble doing it because he was being balky, grr.  We've mostly been trotting straight lines though so at some point we have to learn how to trot while turning.

It was a pleasant ride though because the weather was perfect and it was so peaceful outside.  He wasn't being obnoxious to the point that I didn't enjoy myself.  I just hate having to kick him with my heels when he balks, but I'm not going to nag either so kicks are what he got.  He quickly figured out that if he didn't go when I squeezed my calves he was getting the heels next.  I think from now on I'm going to use the clicker out in the pasture so that we can focus on learning how to back, trot, yield, etc. and hopefully that will keep him from fixating on the front gate.  I'll also try not to ride him at supper time if possible from now on.

I don't want you guys to think it was a bad ride though, I just want to be honest when he acts bratty so no one thinks he's perfect lol.  To me he's pretty close to perfect hehe, but he has his days.  I hope you all got to ride and that your horses were perfect and not barn sour lol!  Night!


  1. Oh and we worked on backing up some too. :)

  2. Ha - that's what Echo was like when I tried to ride her in the evening after her supper (she's usually ridden first thing in the morning) - she had a complete strop. I've never seen such an angry look on her face! It's a good lesson for them to push through that though :)


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